Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The big day

Yesterday, Caleb and I had an appointment to see how my body was responding to the clomid. The doctor was pleased with my reaction to clomid, and said that the "conditions were perfect" I had eggs maturing on the right side (left side is the damaged tube side) If we had eggs developing on the left side we would have to wait until the next cycle and start over.

We chose to get the hcg shot which forces ovulation. They gave it to me before I left yesterday.. THIS morning caleb and i each had our appointments. I received the iui around 10:45. It wasn't too painful... still not my favorite. Now we just wait and see. Please pray that it works!

In other baby news... I had the pleasure of meeting my brand new niece Hallie Jane yesterday. She is my sister Andrea's new daughter. She was just perfect. I loved getting to hold her. It's still hard to say who she looks like.... i guess time will tell.

Thanks so much for reading and your support.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"chewables" and other medicines.

Long time no write. I have been busy with the holiday season, I have neglected to blog! Christmas was wonderful... Still missing my mom, but was wonderful. Caleb got me a beautiful necklace with a "K" for kimi on it. I haven't taken it off yet! :) I got him... Wait for it... A ROOMBA! Yes, a robot that vacuums for you. I thought it was the perfect gift, He loves clean floors and hates to vacuum. AND, I dont have to vacuum either! DONE. Best gift ever. Right before Christmas hit, Caleb's book arrived... A BOOK HE WROTE! YEAH, he's a flippin' published author nowadays! The book is called "Chewables"-40 simple practical inspirational readings for your overall health. I'm so proud of him, and the book. He is a very gifted communicator, both in speaking and writing.  Books are available at Chewablesbook.com. You should check out the website either way, Caleb updates almost daily with new writings!

After Christmas we headed down to Arizona to visit Caleb's parents. We had a wonderful time with them. They are so generous and sweet to us. We got back last week, just in time for....
Clomid (medicine that helps the fertility process along) Yep, Caleb, me and our medical team are moving forward in baby-making. Although it seems less romantic when you involve doctors and what not. Next week its our first and hopefully last IUI attempt. I dont believe I get any more vicodin though... which is too bad, that made the experience so much better last time! Please be praying for a successful Doctor's visit next week. Lots of love and health