Thursday, June 6, 2013

4 months

Oh my goodness! Mama has loved this past month. Jack is totally rolling these days back to front, front to back... scooting around-ish. Which means crawling must be around the corner! His diaper changes have become so quick- he has learned how to lift his legs while we wipe and then when its time to fasten the diaper he kicks his legs straight and looks up at us and giggles. Pretty cute if you ask me. He thinks his play mat is fun, but he is already getting sick of it- I think. The binky has become a thing of the past, he will take it every now and again but mostly he will bite on it or stick his tongue in defiance. His hand eye coordination is getting much better as well, he focuses in on an object and reaches for it. Last month he found his hands and they were pretty cool, this month he has found his feet... he is always reaching for them and holding his toes.

Jack is still rockin the blue eyes, and I think they are my shape- but who knows. He is weighing in at 14.7 pounds, which is a little less then double his newborn weight. His leg strength is astonishing, already standing but needing help with the balance part. I swear his hair is turning blonde. I never would have guessed I would have a blonde haired blue eyed boy. :)

Jack logged 4 flights in his first 4th month of life. We first went to Denver, CO to visit the Brooks family... We had a blast in Denver, and Jack did amazing on the flights. He would not sleep without mommy or daddy so we slept in the bed together, which was great for me- Nursing is so much easier when I don't have to get out of bed. Caleb on the other hand didn't appreciate Jack's noisy eating. Tough cookies Caleb! When we got home Jack seemed to be genuinely happy to be back. He was so cute when I put him in his crib. He looked around realizing where he was began to flap his arms and legs and smile... He fell sound asleep 5 minutes later.

We also celebrated Grandma Gina and Grandpa Larry's 60th birthdays. Both of Caleb's brothers and their wives were all together in Orange County for the occasion. Jack was a hit! He loved to play with everyone and didn't mind being passed around. 

All smiles

napping with grandma


our sweet fam

the cuteness


Aunties and Uncles

they don't look like they are old enough to be grandparents

family time

Auntie Tera

mommy fail.

oh hey there

mommy's first mothers day & birthday

mothers day

mom's day


Santa Barbara

favorite family photo yet

hi silly boy

so nani

working it out with handsome

and we are teething...