Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change is in the air

Lots to report.... Lets start with post surgery trip to Arizona. It was super fun to see family and relax in the sun. It's crazy how fast our nieces and nephews are growing up!! :(  At least they still think I'm cool (i think). Caleb and I stayed at a lovely timeshare that our friend let us use! It was awesome. Caleb and I had the opportunity to visit with another infertility specialist while we were down there. He assured us that we were on the right path and that Seattle Reproductive was doing a great job. He did also inform us that there is most likely something not functioning properly with my tubes and highly recommended that we consider beginning the invitro process. It was sort of a bittersweet meeting for us. We then took a short trip to Orange County to visit some of Caleb's friends on our way home. We got to stay with the Mattsons in their lovely home, got a fabulous tour of the OC with our friend Mark Kurian, and met the awesome Timmons family! It was a whirlwind and a fun-filled 24 hours for sure. (Looking forward to being with more of Caleb OC's friends next visit :)

We got home, and I went right to work... Which had some surprises in store for me as well. Our General Manager of 14 years resigned. She has been like a mother to me. She has done countless thoughtful things for my family. She has helped me heal the loss of my real mama, always making time to dry up my tears or watch my serving section. She has laughed and cried with me. While she is happy with her new life direction, it has left a little hole in my heart... and the tides' heart as well!

Caleb, too, has ended his season of serving the YMCA - at least in this capacity. Tomorrow will be his last day. He has been so blessed to work with such amazing people. He plans to continue to consult and create content for Y's around the country. His Chewables books and the Y book (culture book for staff) were significant contributions. Caleb is also launching his own business, more "full-time." He writes, speaks, coaches... and is generally inspiring to everyone who gets time with him :) You'll be hearing more about that stuff from him, I'm sure.

With this time of transition we have been in communication with our bank to try and lower our mortgage so we can afford to stay here, or move and rent out our place if we so choose. We have been playing with the thought of moving to Orange County as Caleb has 20 years of connections/friends down there. And the OC has this little thing called the sun, ever heard of it?

Either way, be it Orange County or somewhere around gig harbor a downsize is most likely in the works. Which makes me sad for two reasons. 1. I LOVE this house I made a home. 2. I will have to go through my mothers things and downsize that as well. :( While my house and things in it are just that "things" its still sad to part with both. But, heck... I can't take them with me to Heaven, might as well get used to "letting go" now.

I went this morning to a follow up surgery appointment with Dr. Gurcheff at SRM. She told me that after reviewing with the other Doctors that what they thought was a hydrosalpinx was actually an inflamed vein. She did agree with the specialist in Arizona that it would be in our best interest to begin the invitro process. We have avoided the thought of invirto as it is SO expensive. We will be praying that if that is the road we choose that God will provide a way for us :) No time line yet, but we'll keep you in the loop!

Thanks for reading and caring!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Praise Report

Yesterday was a long day...... Caleb, his mom Gina and I got to the hospital at 8am and began getting ready for the surgery. Caleb and I headed back to the pre-op room. Our nurse in the morning was Jaime and she was very sweet, she asked me lots of questions. Then nurse Silvia got my IV started she hummed the whole time. While my IV was getting started, Jaime said "it sure is nice of your mom to come up" (referring to me). Caleb said, "actually that's my mom." (Huge compliment cause my mother-in-law is gorgeous.) I told the ladies that my mama was in heaven and that Gina was sweet enough to come up and take care of me. That was the only time I cried all day :) I liked my pre-op nurses.

Then I met my anesthesiologist. He was very nice too, but I couldn't pronounce his name. Shortly after meeting him I met the OR nurses who walked me down to the operating room. I said goodbye to Caleb. I barely had a second to say goodbye to those nurses before the sneaky anesthesiologist gave me the meds... and I was OUT.

After two hours of surgery, I woke up feeling rather nauseous. It took me a while to get dressed and out the door. Caleb and Gina informed me that I had both fallopian tubes still, which didn't make any sense to me. Later, when I was feeling better they explained to me that the Dr saw no trace of a hydrosalpinx on my left tube, or anywhere. She did see some endometriosis on my uterus that she burned off (probably would not have caused two years of infertility). She wanted me to call her later to chat because I wasn't quite awake at the hospital. She explained that both tubes were completely open and that everything looked great. She was rather confused as to how this could have happened. We have seen the hydrosalpinx in multiple other ultrasounds, and the left tube was blocked during the hsg test. She asked if she could bring up my case to her other colleagues to discuss what is going on. I told her that God probably healed me, and to tell the other doctors that that was probably what happened.

I've just been resting and drinking lots of fluids. So grateful for all the prayers. They work :)

all my love

Sunday, June 5, 2011

surgery tomorrow

PRAYERS welcome. My sweet mother in law Gina is flying up to help take care of me while I'm down and out. I go in tomorrow at 8am and surgery is scheduled for 10am. We are planning on removing the left tube with the hydro on it. Its most likely been the reason we have not been getting pregnant. The right tube has never shown a hydro on it and the hsg test showed a clear right tube. SO we are praying that is still the case. If, when I'm in surgery and the Dr. sees that the right tube is diseased she will converse with Caleb about a solution. If the right tube has a hydro on it, we will most likely remove it... Meaning I'd be tubeless. :( no natural pregnancies for me. I'd really love to get pregnant the normal way. But I guess I can get over it, If that is indeed the case. I have been fortunate enough to speak with 3 different obgyns while they were at the Tides. They all agreed that the tube(s) needed to go. One of the Doctors asked if he could pray for me. So, his buddy and him prayed for me on the busy deck of the tides. It was precious and AWESOME!

We have been loving this weather. Emma has been waiting to go outside and play all winter long. AND, it seems like some strange neighbor kitty has been waiting for her too. I think he wants to make kittens with emma, she is NOT having it! She hasn't gone out much. :/

More to come!