Sunday, June 5, 2011

surgery tomorrow

PRAYERS welcome. My sweet mother in law Gina is flying up to help take care of me while I'm down and out. I go in tomorrow at 8am and surgery is scheduled for 10am. We are planning on removing the left tube with the hydro on it. Its most likely been the reason we have not been getting pregnant. The right tube has never shown a hydro on it and the hsg test showed a clear right tube. SO we are praying that is still the case. If, when I'm in surgery and the Dr. sees that the right tube is diseased she will converse with Caleb about a solution. If the right tube has a hydro on it, we will most likely remove it... Meaning I'd be tubeless. :( no natural pregnancies for me. I'd really love to get pregnant the normal way. But I guess I can get over it, If that is indeed the case. I have been fortunate enough to speak with 3 different obgyns while they were at the Tides. They all agreed that the tube(s) needed to go. One of the Doctors asked if he could pray for me. So, his buddy and him prayed for me on the busy deck of the tides. It was precious and AWESOME!

We have been loving this weather. Emma has been waiting to go outside and play all winter long. AND, it seems like some strange neighbor kitty has been waiting for her too. I think he wants to make kittens with emma, she is NOT having it! She hasn't gone out much. :/

More to come!


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