Wednesday, February 23, 2011


OH BOY! I loved my acupuncture meeting! I went to acupuncture northwest in downtown tacoma. They specialize in infertility... The girls sat with me before the needles to ask me lots of thoughtful questions about my medical history. Then I just laid down on a table (like a massage table) and she began inserting the needles in my back...Crazy thing is it did NOT hurt, but my back decided to spasm every time she came near me with a needle. I couldn't get my back to just be still. It was the strangest thing. She said she has seen people react like that before, so i guess i don't feel too bad. then she left the room while i took a nice little nap under the heat lamp.  AND that was it! It was like a spa treatment really!  They gave me some light reading to learn about chinese medicine and fertility. (just 350 pages, no biggie) They also gave me a list of foods to eat and foods to stay away from. Mainly she told me to cut out my coffee habit (WHAT???) I'm not too surprised, just bummed! I just love the taste of coffee (and lets face it milk) she said it wasnt just the caffeine in the coffee but the coffee bean itself, so that means no decaf either.

IF anyone has ever been interested in acupuncture, but nervous about it... GIVE IT A GO! I loved my experience.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's official, I signed up for the Basi Pilates comprehensive course. I am super excited and at the same time a little nervous! I did the Mat portion of the course last year and found it challenging... but WONDERFUL. Lianne who teaches the course is simply put, amazing! She is very knowledgeable and I am confident that I will learn so much from her. AND GUESS WHAT???  The certification  is here in the harbor, at the studio I already work at! The course begins in March and am excited that two of my friends will be taking the course with me.

I won't be leaving the tides right away. (I still love my tides family!!!) It will take me time to get certified and ready to be teaching. But, my goal is to be making more money teaching pilates then the tides. I will get there! But, I also know that it will take time and hard work. I'm prepared for it!

As far as baby making goes... We are taking this month off from SRM, We will reconnect with them in march or april. Next week I have an appointment with an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. Also, I am taking lots of wonderful supplements and fish oil. We are still hopeful that baby will happen soon!

more later!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The results are in...

...In the form of good old faithful "auntie flow." (That's code for I got me period yesterday.) No pregnancy. I was rather devastated yesterday, as everything was looking so hopeful. The nurse had called in the middle of the week explaining how great the procedure went and that she was pretty positive that it would work.

The procedure itself wasn't very painful... but that night I woke up at 3am and could not fall back asleep due to the cramping. For the next week I was crampy (varied from really bad to manageable)  and exhausted... probably due to the hormones/new procedure. I'm not sure what we will do from here... It took quite a bit out of me last time, so we'll see. We appreciate all the prayers and support.  We are doing our best to stay hopeful in our journey, which ever direction that may be. 

It's scary sharing this journey with everyone, and some responses are unintentionally disheartening. (Infertility is a hard topic and isn't openly talked about much.) But we love our friends. We're grateful for your support. And we especially love supportive, funny, and kind messages encouraging us on our journey :)

P.S. if you are the fairy that weeded my yard yesterday please tell me so i can thank you... it was a nice surprise when I came home. If no one will claim it, I'm going to say my mama did it :)