Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring things

Hello all, an update long overdue...

Caleb and I have settled into our life in California so easily. In January Caleb got a job with Mariners Church in Irvine and could not be happier! He is currently a pastor at large and will settle into a set location soon. It's a fabulous church with three campuses and lots of fun new friends. I love going into work with him and seeing some friends. I joke about getting an office there... because I love all the people so much!

I completed my Basi Pilates Certification. It took a ton of dedication and hard work. I drove up to Costa Mesa almost  everyday to study at On Center Conditioning Studio, Basi Pilates headquarters. I was able to study with some of the best instructors and LOVED every minute of it. I was so honored when Stella in the main office asked me to become one of the fabulous on center studio trainers. I am excited about being constantly surrounded with the best of the best instructors and students. I also currently work at my Dana Point studio which is AWESOME too! I love the owner Tianna, she is so sweet and fun to work with and for. She also has been a wonderful instructor to learn from. She let me bring my volleyball girls in to do some jump-training classes too. Its normally the highlight of my week, my two favorite things... my volleyball girls and pilates.

Caleb and I also began coaching volleyball for 949 volleyball club. We were so blessed with such an amazing group of girls, and parents! Caleb always teases me because I'm on the phone texting, snap-chatting or draw-something with one of the girls! I have loved having 11 joyful girls in my life to love on. They are fabulous. And our parents are amazing... we could not have asked for a better experience or team.

I'm sure most of you are curious as to how we are doing on the baby-making front. We met out new Dr down here last November... I originally went to him because he is a reproductive endocrinologist, and I just wanted to get my thyroid tested. At my first appointment he informed me that the endometriosis that was burned off during my surgery would begin to grow back, so time was of the essence. With a new doctor and new medications, I had restored hope. Unfortunately, our costly procedures did not result in a pregnancy. And left me with a hole in my heart. I was pretty depressed after two failed procedures. We knew that we needed to move forward to IVF, but were uncertain how we could pay for it, and also nervous about the process. On February 14th I got the best valentines gift ever! Janey Pinneo (who ironically starred in my last blog update as the angel who helped me pack up my house) called me with an incredible gift. She and her daughter Chelsea recently spent some time together and had decided they wanted to start a fundraiser for our invitro process. SILENCE. Tears. I was so overwhelmed. I muttered YES thank you, thank you, thank you. Praise the LORD!  Having lost my mom... I didn't really know who to ask for help, and was terrified to ask. Caleb's family had already helped so much with our prior treatments. We currently are still paying off our two treatments from december and january... That did include a full std workup... for us two happily married people. California state law- a little ridiculous, $1000 later... turns out we were std free... and they were ready to work with us.

Another huge blessing my sweet friend Kellie Kaufman dedicated the month of April to me. Every time anyone goes to her facebook page:


and writes anderson on it... she personally gives a dollar to my fund.  I feel so loved and blessed by the support we have received by our friends and family. And I know many people have been praying for us, which is just as valuable to us! :)

Our doctor and his fabulous team have been so incredibly helpful. We qualified for their access program which gave us a discounted rate.  Because I have no problem making lots of eggs, they said that we could do a low-hormone cycle too which means less shots/hormones for me! :) they combined the two programs giving us the best of both. A normal invitro cycle can cost up to 25,000 dollars. Ours will be around the 12-13,000 dollar range, which is great!

We will probably get moving on invitro in the next couple of months... so stay tuned, and keep the prayers coming. We are so grateful for all our supporters and prayer warriors.