Monday, April 8, 2013

2 Month Checkup

Jack got shots...

 Poor little buddy did not love getting his shots, but who does right? He was in an exceptionally good mood before the shots... I made Daddy hold him while he got the shots. He actually did better then I thought he would. He only cried for about a minute after and that was it. :) Dr. Joe said that Jack is gaining weight on track... He currently weighs 11.7 pounds and is 23 inches long.
before the shots...

Daddy... What is happening?
Why? I hated that!
Mommy, do you have anything to say for yourself?
I trusted you.
don't do that again.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

2 months

Jack is 2 months old! It is really starting to get fun. Jack is smiling and cooing all the time. He loves to connect with Dad or I. He will giggle and smile and wiggle all around- and this smile of his- OH my heart. He smiles literally from ear to ear, and takes deep breaths and coos while he does it... like he is really trying to savor the moment. He likes to have sweet conversations with us about nothing and giggle and smile until he falls asleep.

Speaking of sleep... at 5/6 weeks he was still only sleeping 2/3 hour chunks and at about 7 weeks he started to sometimes go for 4 hours and finally at 8 weeks he began sleeping for 5/6 hour chunks. I feel like a whole new woman with 5 hours of consecutive sleep- so what if my shirt is wet when I wake up! :)

Aside from loving to connect with Dad and I, Jack loves to observe. His eyes dart around the rooms/outside trying to track noises and take in his surroundings. He lights up when he makes eye contact with people.

We had our first trip to Palm springs to visit Gma and Gpa great. (my grandparents) While we were there Auntie Cindy and Uncle Jack surprised us with a visit. It was so fun for them to meet Jack and visit with them. Jack loved meeting the other Jacks!

Grandpa Dave (my dad) got to meet Jack as well, they had fun getting to know each other. Auntie Amber and Uncle Double are regular visitors as well- They take turns holding Jack and giggling at him.

Jack's eyes are still blue- although I still think they will change- who knows. He is wearing size 1 diapers and is starting to get snug in some of his 0-3 month clothes. His favorite outfit is the robot onesie made by my friend Coco and hand me down pants from Shepard (Rhea's son). He loves his binky and noise machine to help him sleep. at about 6 weeks he began to enjoy his swing, he did not like it before then. He will laugh and point at the mobile- which looks super lame to me, but he loves it!

 I am loving Jack being mine, for this short moment in time he is mine. I know that one day he will grow up and marry a beautiful woman (whom I've been praying for) and he won't be mine anymore. I pray that he will be as wonderful to his wife as his Dad is to me. I pray that he is confident, loving and kind like his father and silly, creative and determined like his Mama. I am loving watching his personality take shape- so far I would say he is mellow, sweet, loving, a connector... I think he loves making me smile and laugh- we might have a comedian on our hands! :)

Jack has great hand/eye coordination and can track me with his eyes. He is so strong! Although he bonks me quite a bit- he has pretty good control of his neck. His legs are always kicking and trying to stand up. His grip is constant, he loves to hold fingers.

Jack is so far loving going to the beach while mom and dad play volleyball. I hope he will continue to like it! :) He hangs out with his buddy Gaige (only 6 weeks older then him). I take Jack on walks almost every day and he does great- he likes to look around and listen to the noises. He has gone to church twice now and barely said a peep.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last month...

Jack and Jack

Jack and Cindy

Favorite calm down technique when sleepy- rocking side to side with the binky, sometimes i have to shhhh in your ear.

Gma great

Gpa Great

Jack's on their phones

Nursing on the go

Jack's doting Aunt Amber and Uncle Double

Two of my favorite girls- God is so good!

Gaige and Jack- chilin at the beach

Gpa Dave