Sunday, December 14, 2014

3rd Tri... here we go...

 Photo: almost 28 weeks
I can NOT believe I'm headed into my third trimester this week. This is crazy. I have still felt great for the most part. We had a LOVELY trip to Washington to celebrate thanksgiving with my family. It was so nice to enjoy my Gpa's turkey dinner- he is 88 and still does the WHOLE meal by himself. With only one oven. And it tastes incredible. How does one do that? I had the privileged of bringing a dessert alongside my Gma's pie. She made her famous banana cream pie and I made an Apple custard tart with a shortbread like crust. Both were so delicious and made completely from scratch- that's how we roll.
 Jack was a good boy at thanksgiving he stayed up late, played cars, guitar and sat in his "seat". He loved visiting with all the family and the big dog Sooey (lucy-great dane). It was a quick trip up and back- I'm so sorry if I didn't see you while we were up- We spent all our time either resting or playing with Gigi (gma pat) and Gpa.
  Since we have been home Caleb had his second surgery to repair the surgery he originally had in June. He has been on bed rest for 10 days- Which isn't ideal for the church... but, as his wife- I couldn't be happier. I'm so grateful for all this quality time with my man. I feel so bad that he is in pain, but it is so fun to have his undivided attention. He is anxious to get back to work- but wants to do exactly what is needed to heal properly so we are following Doctors orders. Jack loves that dad is home- but doesnt love that he is always "sleep". I'm so grateful for this special Christmas season that I had my husband home with me for 10 days!!! BEST gift ever.
 I spoke at our ladies Christmas Brunch this past week. I was asked 9 months ago, and tried to forget that I said "yes" to speak. I do not feel qualified to speak at an event- and public speaking absolutely terrifies me. But as the day approached Caleb helped me put together a 20 minute message to share with the ladies. I spoke about what it means to be an encouraging friend like Elizabeth was to Mary (Luke 1), and I can honestly say that I think it went great... Mainly because I have so many encouraging friends who have given me plenty of stories and illustrations to pull from. While I didn't enjoy public speaking- I was completely honored to speak to the ladies of our church and to share what God put on my heart to share.
 Pregnancy has been so great. Still working out. Still chasing down a toddler! :) I saw the Dr. this week and we are on track. Measuring a little small-as did Jack my whole pregnancy!
 I've been busy nesting getting ready for baby- I made curtains for our living room- and I love them! I lined them with a blackout liner- a lot of work but totally worth it. Nursery and big boy room are next! 
 Jack still loves Santa. When we got home from Washington I wanted to put the tree up immediately and decorate it. It was at night so jack was already asleep... I begged Caleb to go get jack so he could see the tree and put the first ornament up. I will never forget his face when he saw the tree- he said wow and put his hand to his face. He happily put the first ornament on the tree and asked for mo. We did a few and put him back to sleep and waited until the next day to finish the tree together. I ALMOST missed it. In my need to have everything done quickly I almost missed out on the memory of doing it together. Now I know.
 We are continuing our internet christmas card tradition. 😁🌲 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Número dos...

Caleb and I have had such a busy past couple of months... Starting with getting pregnant- which was achieved through IVF (technically FET) again... I thought the process would be easier this time because we had frozen embryos stored to use... But, when copius amounts of needles and medications showed up at my door I tearfully remembered how challenging the process was. This time I thankfully had my sweet Jack to remind me how worth it all the needles were. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity and privledge to have access to this treatment that helps us grow our family, but dang, that was brutal.

We found out that it worked just five days after the procedure. We were elated, and shocked, we found out so fast. My first trimester was not the best. I felt nauseous the whole time, and was so incredibly tired. Poor Jack, I was boring mama! During the first trimester we began searching for a home to buy which we found quickly--and we just knew it was the one!! When we pulled up we noticed the park across the street. (Jack calls it the "butt." I'm sure he thinks he is saying park, but it comes out butt.) The escrow process was a lot of work but went rather fast. I dutifully packed us up--during my first trimester. Don't do that. It's not fun. 
        (Photo infront of our new home)

With the help of men's ministry and a short time frame we were moved out of our condo and into our new home in 2 hours. 2. Hours. Crazy! We have been busy unpacking and getting settled-- hence the lack of bump photos and gender reveal updates. So without further ado...

Our friend Lori did our ultrasound at 17 weeks to find out the gender. Going into the ultrasound I thought perhaps it was a girl because I was so much sicker this time. But we honestly were just so excited to be pregnant we didn't care. She wrote down the gender and handed us a sealed envelope that made it all the way to the car. Ha! We were so impatient. We decided if it was a boy we would go get a burger and a beer and if it was a girl we would go buy an outfit...

Burger and beer it was. We are so so so excited to have another silly boy to add to our family. No names yet- just lots of joy in our hearts.

Photo of jack in our backyard- that has a lemon tree, lime tree and an avocado tree. 

Infront of our lime tree. 

22 Weeks-
Cravings-cottage cheese.
Kicks- yes, lots! Caleb has even felt them.
Working out- body pump twice a week and Pilates almost daily- really light on the ab work since first trimester though.
Swelling- occasionally 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 and 11 months

Welp- December kicked my booty, and I didn't write Jack's post for 10 months. I DID get his photo at 10 months though! :)

In the last two months Jack has grown so much- and not just in the height/weight department. He is developing into such a wonderful little person. His silly, snugglie all-boy nature has me and Caleb absolutely enamored with him.

He is so into music these days- He loves his drum, xylophone, and shakers. He even sings and taps his leg while occasionally playing the air guitar. He loves listening to music- especially live music.

Jack loves his Raja- Can't sleep without him. He actually loves all Jellycats stuffed animals. He has had quite the infatuation with his groundhog puppet- Mommy making the groundhog come to life. Jack squeals, pets, hugs and pulls the groundhog around. He has recently become a little less interested- since he has found the groundhog lifeless on the floor a few times. :( mommy fail. 

Jack loves to play outdoors. When we go to the park- He likes to swing for a while and then crawl around. He goes in circles and normally ends up by the cement slab with holes in it. For some reason he doesn't throw sand in his hair at the park.... At the beach- oh man- the kid is a sand throwing machine. He is content to sit by himself and throw sand in his hair. It makes quite the mess.

Jack is a great sleeper- going to bed anywhere from 7-7:30 and waking up anywhere from 6:30-7:15
He rarely wakes up at night, but when he does he usually turns on his baby Einstein music and falls back asleep on his own. Jack wakes up so happy, sweet and cuddly. He normally likes to snuggle and talk first thing.

No bueno naps over here. I'm lucky to get two 45 minute naps out of him. He fights going down for naps half of the time, and sometimes he just plays in his crib for his nap. There are days that I would love to sleep when he sleeps- but it is pointless, once I get him down then I have to put myself down and by the time I'm asleep... He wakes up. I think I will take another pot of coffee instead, thank you very much.

Jack isn't close to walking, and why would you be when you can motor around so fast on your hands and knees!? He isn't really interested in trying either- he'd rather be drumming.

I'm still nursing this little man- despite lots of issues. (Seriously, I have gone through everything) I'm proud that we made it this far. I've dropped it down to two feedings, and then will wean him completely at 12 months. I'm so grateful that I have been able to nurse as long as I have...

Jack's first Christmas was a blur. I hardly wrapped anything. I thought our lives were hectic before- then you add a baby to the mix and the small little fact that Caleb is a PASTOR. Dang, I bet most of you guys forget I'm a pastors wife. I do. Well, sometimes I do. Other times I am very aware of our role and December is a great reminder. No biggie, I still got our advent calendar up around Dec 22. Cool. keeping it real. Those of you out there who know me- or remember pictures of my Christmas tree up mid November would know that my advent calendar going up around the 22nd is just NOT hilbot style. That being said Christmas Cards are done-zo for us Andersons. You can tell on facebook- we are so happy and we love our little man. And I'm sure I would have picked out the cutest flippin Christmas Card from minted or tiny prints. But, It just isn't worth my precious Jack time. Plus where do you draw the line? We have lived in three different states and love so many people. I want to be with my son playing on his drums. Or walking to the park with a friend, Not searching for addresses.

In conclusion.. I am loving each day more then yesterday. Jack is a perfect blend of Caleb and I and the perfect version of Jack. I am honored that I get to be his mommy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

9 months

This month flew by. Poor mama (me) has had mastitis- twice. In one week. TWICE people. SOOOOO... we might be done nursing once I get all better. I cant believe what we can go through for our babes. Caleb and Auntie Monica have helped me tremendously while I have been sick.

I keep reading in my BabyCenter app how my 9 month old baby will start to have stranger anxiety, will only want to be with mommy or daddy. Not so much with Jackaroo- he will go to anyone. I mean AN-E-ONE. Person in line behind us at the Dr. office, sure why not jack- they might have bronchitis but go for it. (I didn't let him go to said person in dr. office) He will go to anyone with ease and doesn't seem to mind when we aren't around. But, boy is he excited when mommy or daddy come home. When Caleb comes home he waits at the door and says jackaroo- Jack stops what he is doing immediately, whips his head around to see daddy, smiles his biggest smile and starts hauling baby a$$ towards his daddy, trampling over anything in his way. It is pretty precious.

 Jack loves to laugh- and knows the difference between a real laugh and a fake laugh. If I laugh, like really laugh- he will start laughing too. When he dressed up as a pumpkin, he was so cute I started laughing, so he started laughing too and kicked his little legs and flapped his arms. Which is the sweetest sound.

He loves eating his happy puffs and can grab them and put them in his mouth all by himself. Jack is fascinated with his hands again, watching them rotate around.

Jack has 4 teeth on top two on bottom and cutting another one on bottom. He loves saying daddadadada and making tooty noises with his mouth. He is pretty noisy these days. He recognizes his own name and will crawl to you if you say "come over here Jack."

At 9 month check up Jack weighed in at 19.7 pounds and 28 inches long. Healthy on all accounts.

So grateful for this silly, rumble-tumble, playful little dude.
pumpkin patch
this is what happens when daddy dresses me