Monday, November 4, 2013

9 months

This month flew by. Poor mama (me) has had mastitis- twice. In one week. TWICE people. SOOOOO... we might be done nursing once I get all better. I cant believe what we can go through for our babes. Caleb and Auntie Monica have helped me tremendously while I have been sick.

I keep reading in my BabyCenter app how my 9 month old baby will start to have stranger anxiety, will only want to be with mommy or daddy. Not so much with Jackaroo- he will go to anyone. I mean AN-E-ONE. Person in line behind us at the Dr. office, sure why not jack- they might have bronchitis but go for it. (I didn't let him go to said person in dr. office) He will go to anyone with ease and doesn't seem to mind when we aren't around. But, boy is he excited when mommy or daddy come home. When Caleb comes home he waits at the door and says jackaroo- Jack stops what he is doing immediately, whips his head around to see daddy, smiles his biggest smile and starts hauling baby a$$ towards his daddy, trampling over anything in his way. It is pretty precious.

 Jack loves to laugh- and knows the difference between a real laugh and a fake laugh. If I laugh, like really laugh- he will start laughing too. When he dressed up as a pumpkin, he was so cute I started laughing, so he started laughing too and kicked his little legs and flapped his arms. Which is the sweetest sound.

He loves eating his happy puffs and can grab them and put them in his mouth all by himself. Jack is fascinated with his hands again, watching them rotate around.

Jack has 4 teeth on top two on bottom and cutting another one on bottom. He loves saying daddadadada and making tooty noises with his mouth. He is pretty noisy these days. He recognizes his own name and will crawl to you if you say "come over here Jack."

At 9 month check up Jack weighed in at 19.7 pounds and 28 inches long. Healthy on all accounts.

So grateful for this silly, rumble-tumble, playful little dude.
pumpkin patch
this is what happens when daddy dresses me

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