Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 and 11 months

Welp- December kicked my booty, and I didn't write Jack's post for 10 months. I DID get his photo at 10 months though! :)

In the last two months Jack has grown so much- and not just in the height/weight department. He is developing into such a wonderful little person. His silly, snugglie all-boy nature has me and Caleb absolutely enamored with him.

He is so into music these days- He loves his drum, xylophone, and shakers. He even sings and taps his leg while occasionally playing the air guitar. He loves listening to music- especially live music.

Jack loves his Raja- Can't sleep without him. He actually loves all Jellycats stuffed animals. He has had quite the infatuation with his groundhog puppet- Mommy making the groundhog come to life. Jack squeals, pets, hugs and pulls the groundhog around. He has recently become a little less interested- since he has found the groundhog lifeless on the floor a few times. :( mommy fail. 

Jack loves to play outdoors. When we go to the park- He likes to swing for a while and then crawl around. He goes in circles and normally ends up by the cement slab with holes in it. For some reason he doesn't throw sand in his hair at the park.... At the beach- oh man- the kid is a sand throwing machine. He is content to sit by himself and throw sand in his hair. It makes quite the mess.

Jack is a great sleeper- going to bed anywhere from 7-7:30 and waking up anywhere from 6:30-7:15
He rarely wakes up at night, but when he does he usually turns on his baby Einstein music and falls back asleep on his own. Jack wakes up so happy, sweet and cuddly. He normally likes to snuggle and talk first thing.

No bueno naps over here. I'm lucky to get two 45 minute naps out of him. He fights going down for naps half of the time, and sometimes he just plays in his crib for his nap. There are days that I would love to sleep when he sleeps- but it is pointless, once I get him down then I have to put myself down and by the time I'm asleep... He wakes up. I think I will take another pot of coffee instead, thank you very much.

Jack isn't close to walking, and why would you be when you can motor around so fast on your hands and knees!? He isn't really interested in trying either- he'd rather be drumming.

I'm still nursing this little man- despite lots of issues. (Seriously, I have gone through everything) I'm proud that we made it this far. I've dropped it down to two feedings, and then will wean him completely at 12 months. I'm so grateful that I have been able to nurse as long as I have...

Jack's first Christmas was a blur. I hardly wrapped anything. I thought our lives were hectic before- then you add a baby to the mix and the small little fact that Caleb is a PASTOR. Dang, I bet most of you guys forget I'm a pastors wife. I do. Well, sometimes I do. Other times I am very aware of our role and December is a great reminder. No biggie, I still got our advent calendar up around Dec 22. Cool. keeping it real. Those of you out there who know me- or remember pictures of my Christmas tree up mid November would know that my advent calendar going up around the 22nd is just NOT hilbot style. That being said Christmas Cards are done-zo for us Andersons. You can tell on facebook- we are so happy and we love our little man. And I'm sure I would have picked out the cutest flippin Christmas Card from minted or tiny prints. But, It just isn't worth my precious Jack time. Plus where do you draw the line? We have lived in three different states and love so many people. I want to be with my son playing on his drums. Or walking to the park with a friend, Not searching for addresses.

In conclusion.. I am loving each day more then yesterday. Jack is a perfect blend of Caleb and I and the perfect version of Jack. I am honored that I get to be his mommy.

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