Monday, May 20, 2013

rolling with my homies..

Our sweet babe is showing more of his personality day by day. I have found him on his tummy a few times in the past while he was playing on his mat- and figured it was a fluke. Well, on my birthday I could tell this was an intentional roll. We got home from Santa Barbara on Tuesday and I decided that we needed a mommy & Jack day at home- sensing he wanted to work on his roll and I was right. The minute I laid him down he began flapping his arms around and rolled from his back to tummy. He would stay on his tummy and try to roll back on to his back- which for some reason is harder for him to do, I think normally it is easier for babies to go from tummy to back. So after a few minutes of trying to roll onto his back he would start to fuss and I would come help him with the roll.. Finally after a few hours of this he did it. He rolled onto his back! I cheered for him and tickled his tummy while he gave me a huge gummy grin.

He stopped trying rolling for the afternoon. He set himself a goal and accomplished it. He didn't start rolling again until later in the evening when Daddy got home.

With Jack's new roll trick he wants to be on the ground more then ever. That being said the car seat is the enemy. lol.

Rolling gone Awry...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday/mothers day

Caleb and Jack took me to Santa Barbara for an overnight Birthday/Mother's Day trip. We got a late start, after we took a million photos and chatted with all our friends at church.

Our trip to Santa Barbara was amazing... next time we will stay longer, go wine tasting earlier, and bring a sitter for Jack. I loved the downtown area, we walked around the city the whole time we were there. Caleb treated me to a facial at the spa and we both took advantage of the jacuzzi and sauna.

Jack was a trooper, and gave mommy a fun birthday present- a roll. I loved our trip and being spoiled... But honestly (as cheesy as it sounds) just spending time with Caleb and Jack was all I ever needed or wanted. I am so grateful to have this sweet babe in my arms and handsome Hubby by my side.

Mother's Day

I have been excited about celebrating Mother's Day since the moment I realized I was pregnant. Like most people who's birthday occasionally falls on Mother's Day, I was very aware that this year my birthday would be sharing the day with all the mamas. Mother's Day has not been my favorite day for a few years now. Having lost my mother in 2009 and struggling with infertility ever since it always felt like a double whammy. And I am so so incredibly thankful that God saved me from having to go through another Mother's day without a baby in my arms. Jack is more then I could have imagined and I am incredibly grateful to have my sweet son.

But, it's safe to say this girl still misses her mommy. In my only quiet moment today-drying my hair (not too many quiet moments with a 3 month old) I began to weep. Oh how I wish I could show my mom my baby, and ask her about this crazy rash on his face, giggle about his sweet gummy smile, and try and figure out who he looks like.

She was so... everything. I was so incredibly blessed to have her. She was so quirky and silly, comfortable in her own skin. She cared more about how others felt then herself. The woman could do anything; technologically savvy, total green thumb, cooking genius, seamstress, knitter and quilter... the list goes on.

I am so excited about celebrating my birthday and first mother's day, but I will always miss my mom.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jack turns 3 months old! :)

3 months young
And what a fun month it has been. Jack has proven himself to be a very good sleeper. At 6/7 weeks he began sleeping 5/6 hour stretches- which technically is through the night. At 8 weeks he began sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches. He normally wakes up ready to eat, but offers up a few smiles when I get to his crib. I love the late night/early morning feeding. There is something so sweet about it... perhaps its because I'm so excited to see Jack or he is so excited to see me... Either way, it's my favorite moment with my little buddy. Jack has moved from the couch, to his swing and finally to his crib. I personally wanted him to be in his crib as soon as he could do it- while I miss sleeping near my buddy, I think it's important for Caleb and I to have our bed be OUR bed. It's crazy how soundly I will be sleeping and I will hear Jack's smallest little noise and be in Jack's room before he starts to cry. (we don't use a monitor).

Jack has found his hands, and they are the coolest. They entertain him for hours on end. He focuses intently on his hands as he brings them together and then into his mouth. Speaking of his mouth, he has LOVED blowing bubbles and started drooling. At 10 weeks Jack began showing signs of teething. Now at 12 weeks he is most certainly experiencing some teeth pain. He is chewing on my finger/his finger/anything I put near his chompers. I noticed a little white bump on his gums.

Jack LOVES to interact with people. We facetime with family and he is so cute interacting with the phone. He leans forward like he wants to touch the people in the phone. Jack loves to giggle with mom and dad. He smiles and wiggles around when we talk to him. He really just loves to make eye contact with us. He loves to be facing the action- he wants to be apart of the party.

Jack responds to noises and can track us with his eyes... When he finds us he gives us a huge gummy grin. 

Jack still doesn't really care for bath time. He is very particular about the water temperature- that being said we only bathe him every other day or two.

I like to think of myself as a mom on the go. We often leave the house in the morning for a few hours. We go walking or to have lunch with a friend. Jack is an absolute angel. He loves to walk in the stroller- he will make noises and play with his hands until he falls asleep.

Jack is a strong baby, he loves to stand on his legs... with our help of course. He has great control of his neck and a heck of a grip.