Monday, May 20, 2013

rolling with my homies..

Our sweet babe is showing more of his personality day by day. I have found him on his tummy a few times in the past while he was playing on his mat- and figured it was a fluke. Well, on my birthday I could tell this was an intentional roll. We got home from Santa Barbara on Tuesday and I decided that we needed a mommy & Jack day at home- sensing he wanted to work on his roll and I was right. The minute I laid him down he began flapping his arms around and rolled from his back to tummy. He would stay on his tummy and try to roll back on to his back- which for some reason is harder for him to do, I think normally it is easier for babies to go from tummy to back. So after a few minutes of trying to roll onto his back he would start to fuss and I would come help him with the roll.. Finally after a few hours of this he did it. He rolled onto his back! I cheered for him and tickled his tummy while he gave me a huge gummy grin.

He stopped trying rolling for the afternoon. He set himself a goal and accomplished it. He didn't start rolling again until later in the evening when Daddy got home.

With Jack's new roll trick he wants to be on the ground more then ever. That being said the car seat is the enemy. lol.

Rolling gone Awry...

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