Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby BOY

Like most girls these days, I wanted a huge gender reveal party I had dreamed about it for years... Typically at gender reveal parties, couples invite friends and family to share in the excitement of revealing their babys gender. There are many ways the gender can be revealed--- couples often cut into a plain white cake revealing either pink or blue frosting between the layers- or open a box and pink or blue balloons come out, you get the gist. I talked about it with Caleb, and he was on board too or at least he thought he was on board. When we were at our 14 week ultrasound the Doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender- Caleb quickly said "yes." I looked at Caleb funny and said- "no we don't, we are waiting for our gender reveal party." Caleb's eyes half popped out of his head and said, "NO WAY.. I know before our friends know." I (rather frustrated) said, " No the point of the gender party is to reveal the gender to everyone- including us." Caleb looked at me crazy like I tricked him or something. Perhaps he was just hearing what he wanted to hear? After some talks, Caleb was on board again- but now I wasn't. How could I do something that I KNEW Caleb really didn't want to do? It is his child too, his opinion should be just as important. So I brainstormed an idea that I thought we could both enjoy. What I really love are surprises, so I figured I could just surprise Caleb and that would satisfy my quench for a big surprise party. I also wanted to surprise myself, which I still managed to do- here is how I pulled it off-

Our mid-way check up is set up for Sept. 4th, where we would likely find out the gender. I knew I needed to find out before then in order to surprise Caleb. Luckily, we have a sweet friend at our church, Lori who offered to give me ultrasounds whenever I wanted. So I asked her if she would do a secret ultrasound for me to see if she could find out the gender. I went in on Monday to get my ultrasound... We were both giddy with excitement. She was looking at the babe taking pictures and chatting with me. She then turned and looked at me and said, "well I know what it is!" I smiled at her and giggled. She then wrote down the gender and sealed the envelope up for me to bring to a bakery. She also sealed up the ultrasound pictures that revealed the gender for Caleb and I to look at later! I gave Lori a HUGE thank you hug and headed off to the bakery.  I found the cutest bakery in Orange county called Suzie Cakes... Unfortunately, they couldn't change the frosting in the layers of carrot cake- our favorite- so that left us with plain white cake, AND it would take 3 days to pull off. I COULD NOT wait 3 days, and white cake really isn't my favorite. But before I left I saw these precious little cupcakes and asked if they put them in boxes, they said yes.
So, I handed them the sealed envelope that revealed the gender of our babe and I waited outside while they boxed up two cupcakes, blue for boy and pink cupcakes for girl. The bakery was a buzz with excitement and thanked me multiple times for sharing my special occasion with them. Everyone from the back came out to see the gender. When they asked what I thought it was I said boy. I wrapped the box of cupcakes in a bag with lots of tissue paper, and got a card for Caleb as well. I wrote him a sweet note revealing to him what I had been up to. I wanted him to know that he is more important to me then a gender reveal party and that I was willing to compromise.

When Caleb got home from work I told him we were going to dinner because he had been working so hard lately. I told him I bought him a little gift for working so hard. He kept trying to make me leave the present at home-or in the car... are you starting to get it? He does NOT like to draw attention to himself. Me--- BRING IT ON!  I calmly grabbed the present and brought it in with me to the resturaunt. I called ahead and explained to the manager what I was doing and she informed the server. Caleb and I had a lovely dinner, we talked about his job, our move to Huntington Beach, and all the things we are grateful for. After dinner plates were picked up the server brought over two dessert plates and forks, I asked her for a glass of milk (Caleb can't eat dessert without a glass of milk) and pulled out caleb's present. He looked at me, smiling and asked, "My present is dessert?" I told him to read his card. He wouldn't be mad if I told you he started to cry. He was so surprised and LOVED that I had been so thoughtful to sacrifice my desire for a big party so that we could celebrate alone. We pulled out the box and opened it to find.....
We had always guessed boy from the beginning. We tearfully ate our delicious blue cupcakes.
Here is a picture of our ultrasound, I love what Lori wrote! :) so cute! We do have a boy name- I will tell you more about it in my next blog!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week 16

We have had a very eventful past couple of weeks! For starters, I decided to run my finger through my Cuisinart hand mixer blade. I was whipping up my craving for fresh whipped cream when it all went down. While cleaning under the sharp blade I accidentally hit the power button, which lodged my finger between the guard and the blade. Caleb was unable to get the blade/cuisinart off my finger so we wrapped the whole bloody mess and drove to the ER. They got me in right away and used a bolt cutter to get the machine off my finger. The blade chipped my finger bone and left me with 5 stitches. I have never broken a bone nor have I ever had stitches- pregnant and unable to take pain meds was probably the worst time to attempt a break/stitches but I survived. They gave me some antibiotics and a tetanus shot.

We had another ultrasound this past week.. The babe was hiding the goods so we don't know the sex yet! :)  I teared up thinking about it being a girl. I would love to be a mama to a girl... But, we have thought it was a boy all along. I just CAN'T wait to know! I'm still not showing much yet- sometimes after dinner I get a bump, but I think it's just food. My mom growing up always made my dresses for dances and would comment on how long my waist was when she would measure me. I'm sure there is just plenty of waist- space for the babe to hide in.

Cravings- Obviously fresh homemade whip cream-not cool whip or out of a spray can, Oranges, Bagels with cream cheese, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry lemonade with sparkling water,  If I was in Washington, I would want my aunt to make me Beef Stroganof!!! Red meat- any which way i can get it.
Aversions- Chicken, still. Avocados- normally a favorite of mine, something about the texture and fat turns me off. Chinese food. Fried food sounds terrible-not that I ever liked it. Vegetables that are like even a day old- CANT do it!!!!!!
Weight Gain- 5 pounds- and I'm seriously not showing AT ALL other then my hips are wider and I have a little muffin top- nothing says pregnant like a muffin top!
Pregnancy Symptoms- Occasionally I feel nauseous- or weak otherwise I feel great!
Exercise- I'm getting back at it! We generally ride our bikes to 24 hour fitness, I be-bop around on all the cardio equipment, lift with caleb, do some planks- drink lots of water!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 13 almost 14! :)

OH MAN what an adventure we have been on for the past couple weeks. We took a trip to Laramie, Wyoming to see our good friends get married, Josh and Jules Moen. It was a fun trip for us, although I wasn't feeling my absolute best yet. The wedding was beautiful, Jules walking down the aisle took my breath away... she was absolutely stunning, and such a wonderful bride. It started to rain and they had to move the wedding indoors, she was sad- and who wouldn't be... But, she certainly didn't let it ruin her big day. She bounced back better then I could have! Josh is a lucky man, and he knows it! On our way out of Wyoming we stopped in Denver to see Deb and Albus Brooks... Albus is a good friend of Caleb's from High School. Deb and I had so much fun laughing at our husbands similarities. I wish we had more time with them, we might have to head back out there soon!  I'm so grateful Caleb has been so blessed with so many wonderful guy friends. It was fun to be with two of them back to back... they make Caleb a better man.

We flew from Denver to Washington I was very excited to get to the northwest. I'm in love with the smell of Washington air. Landing in Seattle, right when you come off the plane there is always a crisp fresh air scent. I LOVE it. I kept thinking it was going to make my nausea go away... and it totally worked. My Auntie Cindy and Uncle Jack picked us up at the airport at 10pm (they are amazing) and had fresh sweet peas and a cute sign to welcome us to the Northwest. They also loaned us a car for the week- they are double amazing. My gma, also had fresh sweet peas picked for me when we went to her house for breakfast. My Auntie Karen joined us for Gpas famous Pan-i-cakes. After breakfast we headed out to the beach place. I spent my summers their as a child with my dad's parents... So many great memories of clam digging, beach walks, fishing, looking for aegots, roasting smores, boat rides, playing in the sand. It will always feel like home to me. We didn't put too much on our calendar other then family time... I had felt so sick the last couple weeks it was hard for me to make plans I was fearful I would have to cancel on. So- I will apologize now if I didn't see you!

We loved relaxing at the beach, Caleb has been working so much lately it was nice to relax at the beach and smell the fresh sea air. HEAVEN pure HEAVEN. Our beach neighbors, The Pinneo's were out for the week and I LOVED talking baby with Janey over morning coffee. Dave arranged two family dinners for us, which was so wonderful. The bujacichs came out on a HOT night, so hot we had to go for a boat ride after dinner! The Howe's came out on Saturday, I loved seeing everyone- especially James Jr. and Hallie jane (my niece and nephew) They have grown so much. I even got a very special lunch date with my Dad and Kathy, they drove over from Wenatchee to see me! Our last day there we got to celebrate my sweet Gma Pat's birthday. What a blessing she is in our lives. She is the sweetest, most loving and silly gma there is. She takes such good care of all her babies (including the ones who married in). I think everyone who knows her would I agree I hit the Gma jackpot!

Next on our journey was Park City, Utah. Family friends of the Andersons let us borrow their POSH Park City pad for the week. (thank you Sweeneys!) It was the perfect setting for a little family time. Everyone was able to come except my fabulous sister in law Amber- because she got an amazing job promotion, could not be more proud and excited for her! Josh and Kimberly brought their 4 adorable kids... It was soooooo fun seeing how they have changed in a year and to play with them. When I first met Lucy she called me heelary- in an almost russian accent. Now, it's a perfect clear Hilary. Ruby, on the other hand would flap her hands and say hi hi-ary. Swoon. Every night we shared about what has been going on in our lives, only pausing to watch a Michael Phelps swim. Each night a couple made dinner for everyone. My favorite was Uncle Double's Ruth's Chris inspired Steak and mashed potatoes. People who know me well are probably surprised-yes, I liked (loved) a steak! The second morning there Gina, Kimberly and Lucy had a special baby breakfast prepared for Caleb and I. Lucy was so sweet, preparing all the yogurt parfaits. Gina brought some of Caleb's baby clothes and other gifts. Kimberly had each of the kids create a onsie for our babe. It was sooooooo precious and sweet. We are beyond blessed to have not just one, but two families that love us so much. I'm so grateful that Caleb's brothers are like best friends, and that they love being together so much.

Today we had a checkup with Dr. Hong, Caleb met her for the first time. When she saw Caleb was with me, she went and grabbed the ultrasound machine so he could see the babe. As she left the room to grab the machine, Caleb got the BIGGEST smile and said, "I can see why you like her so much." She showed us the babe it was my first on top of the tummy ultrasound! :)  Caleb was shocked to see the changes since week 8. She did some reconnaissance to see if she could detect the gender- Caleb swore he saw a boy part- she did NOT confirm though... But it seems like everyone thinks we are having a boy. I did this necklace trick where you hold a necklace over your left wrist and if the necklace swings side to side its a boy and if it goes in a circle its a girl. We are boy everytime. My friend Tracie did the trick and the necklace said girl, she had an ultrasound to confirm it! :) We will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out the gender for sure. Caleb and I grabbed lunch after and talked about how blessed we are to have found the perfect Doctor. I like her so much it makes me want to cry, after so many years of infertility it is just so nice to feel comfortable and extremely cared for. She never rushes us in the least bit... Asks a couple times if I have any additional questions. What a HUGE BLESSING!

Profile pic of baby sucking thumb and other hand in the distance.
Weight gain- 3 pounds.
Cravings- Fruit, Cereal, Mashed potatoes, Red meat, Apple Juice, Wheat bagel w cream cheese from starbucks, Cheese, California rolls with extra ginger
Food Aversions- Chicken (still), Rootbeer, Mexican food.
Pregnancy symptoms- Dehydration, Exhaustion, Light headed, Nauseous-- but, as of the last week I've been feeling GREAT!
Sleeping- AMAZINGLY!
Gender prediction- Boy (because of necklace trick!
Working out- I jogged a little with Caleb, lots of walking and lunges. :)
Baby Size- Peach