Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Capo Beach, California.. Our new home.

It's been quite a while since I updated the blog, but we have been SOO busy with the move and all that entails. Caleb got down to California late August and found work and an apartment. Our landlord was sweet enough to leave the apartment furnished for Caleb until I got down. I must say, Caleb did GOOD work... I LOVE our apartment, and so does Emma. more on that later.

I worked pretty much up until the day we moved, at both the studio and at the Tides. It was hectic to say the least. When I wasn't at work I was busy selling the bulk of our things on Craigslist. I had GREAT luck and sold pretty much everything that we needed to sell. What I didn't sell on Craigslist I sold at my Garage sale. Which I could have not put together without the help of my beach-neighbor and Stand-in-mama, Janey Pinneo. It was rather overwhelming for me to pare down so much stuff... And you might be thinking, "Why was there so much to pare down?" Because I had a LOT of my mothers things that needed to go. Mainly crafting things, clothes, and other knick knacks... but, it all added up to a bunch of stuff. I wasn't really able to think clearly about my mother's stuff... How could I figure out what was the most important items to keep. I began to get anxious and emotional just entering the house. So one morning while I was on my run, on the brink of tears... I prayed that someone would be willing/ask if they could help. It was a simple prayer, and I trusted that God would answer it. And he worked FAST, by the time I got home I had received an email from Janey asking if I would need any help getting ready for the garage sale. I wiped some tears away and gratefully accepted the help. It was clear to me that it was a divine appointment.  To me, losing my mom was the hugest void and loss I could fathom. So when God shows me that he's got me, he's making sure that i am being taken care of... Its the sweetest most intimate feeling.

After two days of help, I was ready for a sale... or so I thought. Garage sales are, not exactly my favorite!  :) but, I had wonderful help from 3 lovely friends. Emily Tollefson on Friday, Long time friend Janna Trolia both Friday and Saturday. And Tracie Parker Saturday and Sunday. For the most part everything went so smoothly. I didn't love people looking and touching my/my mothers things... But, I knew there was an end in sight. And after a long 5 weeks a husband at the end of the tunnel.

I was so excited to see Caleb when he got to me. It was a long time to not see the hubby and was so happy to have him with me again. He accompanied me to my last day at the Tides, I had him take me in early so I could put flowers on my tables. I had wonderful customers for my last day AND gma, Karen, jack and Caleb had lunch in my section as well. As I delivered my last tray of food I cried and the room clapped. After I clocked off, we all gathered in the lower room and had wine, laughed, cried and ate the yummiest cake of all time made by la coco Hampton!  The Tides has been more then a job to me. I worked at the Tides for 7 years, and has been more like a family to me. I was so incredibly supported through out the loss of my mom... and my larazmapam days (zombie days) I was never short of a shoulder to cry on. I am going to miss our rainy day recess on Tuesdays and silly chore lists, boot dances and twirls. But, most of all I will miss my tides family.

After the tides goodbye, Caleb and I had lots more work to do around the house. We worked tirelessly getting all of our stuff either packed goodwill'd or dumped. I was pooped, just in time for my half Marathon on Sunday morning... Which I ran in 2:04, rather proud of myself... it was a hilly course. Caleb MC'd the Prayer breakfast for the race for a soldier which was awesome. It was a very emotional race as we are so close with Leslie and the cause. After the race Caleb and I went over to the house and finished cleaning/packing and got ready for our goodbye party at the Tides. My boys, Dad and Aaron drove over from leavenworth for the dinner with the family. (which is 3 hours both ways)
I love my boys.. :) We had a lovely family goodbye dinner that was so sweet. I have the best family in the world! I will have a hard time not seeing them all the time. They have been so supportive and loving to both Caleb and I.

So many friends came to our going away party it was incredible. We felt so loved and supported.

So many more too! The next morning we left the beach early at 7am and headed in for one last meal with gma and gpa. I don't think we were hungry until dinner after our pan-i-cake feast! I had my first pancake with an egg on top... Pretty tasty. :)  Our drive down was pretty uneventful, even for the Emmacat she just laid in her carrier and took naps... pretty cute. I wish I could take her everywhere with me! :)

Caleb had multiple surprises for me upon arrival, including a get to know orange county book he put together for me complete with directions to all the coolest spots. He also arranged a fun night with friends at Dave and Busters, it was fun getting to know some orange county peeps. We have been busy getting situated in our smaller, but adorable place. Since we sold most of our things we are sorta starting from scratch again. It's coming together. I will post pics of the "after" soon... but, here is a before pic
We are very very very happy with our apartment and location. We are in South Orange County in a city called Capistrano Beach. It honestly reminds me of Southern Spain in a lot of ways. the architecture, climate and landscape. Caleb has been busy working, and I have been nesting. I guess I should start looking for work, but it feels so good to rest a bit after my busy summer. Last weekend we went up to my first Trojan football game, and it was quite a game! All in all we are happy and loving our new simple life. I am embracing our smaller space and loving the organization challenge. I am grateful for everything we have, especially each other.

Love hilly

Monday, September 26, 2011

Downsizing hurts.

Downsizing hurts.

When my step dad sold the soundview house, I didn't put much thought into what i grabbed of my mothers, I just grabbed it. I wanted to have and hold everything that she once held. There is a part of me that is so afraid to let go of anything that was hers out of fear that I will forget her. Or some items that I couldn't FATHOM letting go of. But, I cant hold onto everything for ever and they are just that... THINGS. So, for instance instead of keeping every recipe card she ever wrote.. I'm only keeping the ones I remember, liked and will use. I know it sounds silly, but it was a big step for me throwing away something that had her handwriting on it.  I have taken this attitude with my whole house as we begin to downsize. I can keep one of the things that meant a lot to me, not 10. Memory is still there, and perhaps better! I can actually see the things now that I value.

Tonight I sold my mom's old sofa. It was a cute little love-seat. I could imagine it re-upholstered some day, it would be the cutest. But, lets face it... I might never get around to updating the sofa, and I don't need the sofa. So, the lady who bought the sofa informed me that it was going to her salon and would be where the women sat to get their pedicures. HOW perfect! I can still go visit my sofa, and my kimi LOVED pedicures... We used to have pedi dates all the time, so I couldn't be happier.

I'm excited to live a little more simple. It's our new plan. Only keep what we need, and that isn't much!

SO, I've decided to have a garage sale with all my extra stuff. I will have a preview this sunday for any friends who are interested in looking...  I will be here from 12-8pm, and you can of course call and set up a time to come by and see what I have if you are interested.

Official garage sale will be the following weekend.

Caleb will be coming back up here on the 10th or 11th and we will begin to get everything paired down to move. We leave on monday the 17th and will be having a going away party on the 16th at the Tides and would love to see everyone one last time before our big move!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exciting news

Caleb and I have some exciting news!!!! (that doesn't involve a pregnancy... yet!) We are moving to California. We had thought/prayed/dreamed about the move for a long time and it is finally for certain. We are moving. When Caleb's contract ended at the YMCA we started thinking about what we would do next. As many of you know, Caleb grew up in Southern California. We always thought we might end up there at some point, we just didn't know when. We LOVE living in Gig Harbor, but, at least for now, we feel in our hearts that there is more opportunity in California. Caleb has almost 20 years worth of relationships and connections down there, and he's already secured some projects.

So, Caleb has lined-up contract work with Brett Eastman and Life Together - with ties to Saddleback Church - doing small group content development, training, and coaching. He's also working on media projects for Contexture Int'l... and he's talking to a couple other companies. (Oh, and he's been asked to coach volleyball - we'll see about that one.)

I will be pursuing my Pilates and hopefully find somewhere to speak Spanish! :) I'm looking forward to the sunshine, beach, and palm trees.

We found a condo we'll rent in San Juan Capistrano. It will be a more "petite" place :) I will have fun learning to be an organizing wizard to fit all my stuff in the little condo. Where am I going to put my Christmas decor???? I think I will quickly get over it as I WALK to the beach! How exciting! WALK TO THE BEACH!

This has been a difficult past few months for me as I contemplate moving out of our house, and leaving my family and friends. I love the home that we have created in the Harbor. I love running into cousins everywhere I turn. I love seeing my sweet gma and gpa for visits. I love sewing with my auntie karen. I love playing at the lake with jack, cindy and kelsey. I love seeing my ally boo at the tides. I just love my family and friends, and I will miss everyone SO MUCH. But Caleb and I will be back up here often. We'll visit regularly and we'll stay connected. And we'll hope to see all the "snow birds" that fly south in the winter!

Plus, I'll keep posting blogs as our lives unfold... so stay tuned!! Much love and gratitude. Until next time...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well... tomorrow, July 8th, is the 2-year anniversary since my Kimi went to heaven. I cant believe I haven't spoke with my mama in two years... there was a time that going two hours without speaking with her was difficult. I still of course feel her presence and know she is near. But, losing her is still the deepest pain i know. And, there are days that pain comes rolling in like a freight train. She was the most love i have ever experienced. And, I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful mother who loved me so.

There is so much i loved about my mom... She was so humble, lovable, sweet and childlike! 

Here is one of my favorite stories about my mom:
Before Caleb and I moved down to Arizona the family had a party to say goodbye to us... It was a very special night i remember. I was very excited to be married to Caleb and to move to Arizona and start a family with him. Kimi was excited for me too, but with some sad undertones.  That night Kimi was trying to figure out how I was going to get the China I was inheriting down to Arizona. It was from my dad's mother, and my mom had been holding it for me until I had my own place. It's really beautiful China too... I think i would choose that China even if i had 100s to choose from. That night after we had figured out how we were going to get the China to Arizona, Caleb overheard Kimi telling a family member that the china set wasn't a complete set. Kimi said she had spent the past ten years searching for missing pieces on ebay so that i could have the complete set.  She never told ME that. I still think about that story. It was so her... doing the most thoughtful thing and taking absolutely no credit for it. Now, everytime I use the China I think of two of the most uniquely, lovable women I ever knew.

I love stories like this. Please help me collect kimi stories... I still plan to take all my blog posts from CaringBridge.org and create a book. I'd also cherish any stories that you want to send my way! :) you can send them to my email, hil.j.anderson@gmail.com. I would love to be able to read stories about her, and to share with my kids (hopefully) so they too can know her.

Please take a moment and thank God for the time we all got with Kimi. Then thank Him for your own mama...and for others that are close to you. We are blessed!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change is in the air

Lots to report.... Lets start with post surgery trip to Arizona. It was super fun to see family and relax in the sun. It's crazy how fast our nieces and nephews are growing up!! :(  At least they still think I'm cool (i think). Caleb and I stayed at a lovely timeshare that our friend let us use! It was awesome. Caleb and I had the opportunity to visit with another infertility specialist while we were down there. He assured us that we were on the right path and that Seattle Reproductive was doing a great job. He did also inform us that there is most likely something not functioning properly with my tubes and highly recommended that we consider beginning the invitro process. It was sort of a bittersweet meeting for us. We then took a short trip to Orange County to visit some of Caleb's friends on our way home. We got to stay with the Mattsons in their lovely home, got a fabulous tour of the OC with our friend Mark Kurian, and met the awesome Timmons family! It was a whirlwind and a fun-filled 24 hours for sure. (Looking forward to being with more of Caleb OC's friends next visit :)

We got home, and I went right to work... Which had some surprises in store for me as well. Our General Manager of 14 years resigned. She has been like a mother to me. She has done countless thoughtful things for my family. She has helped me heal the loss of my real mama, always making time to dry up my tears or watch my serving section. She has laughed and cried with me. While she is happy with her new life direction, it has left a little hole in my heart... and the tides' heart as well!

Caleb, too, has ended his season of serving the YMCA - at least in this capacity. Tomorrow will be his last day. He has been so blessed to work with such amazing people. He plans to continue to consult and create content for Y's around the country. His Chewables books and the Y book (culture book for staff) were significant contributions. Caleb is also launching his own business, more "full-time." He writes, speaks, coaches... and is generally inspiring to everyone who gets time with him :) You'll be hearing more about that stuff from him, I'm sure.

With this time of transition we have been in communication with our bank to try and lower our mortgage so we can afford to stay here, or move and rent out our place if we so choose. We have been playing with the thought of moving to Orange County as Caleb has 20 years of connections/friends down there. And the OC has this little thing called the sun, ever heard of it?

Either way, be it Orange County or somewhere around gig harbor a downsize is most likely in the works. Which makes me sad for two reasons. 1. I LOVE this house I made a home. 2. I will have to go through my mothers things and downsize that as well. :( While my house and things in it are just that "things" its still sad to part with both. But, heck... I can't take them with me to Heaven, might as well get used to "letting go" now.

I went this morning to a follow up surgery appointment with Dr. Gurcheff at SRM. She told me that after reviewing with the other Doctors that what they thought was a hydrosalpinx was actually an inflamed vein. She did agree with the specialist in Arizona that it would be in our best interest to begin the invitro process. We have avoided the thought of invirto as it is SO expensive. We will be praying that if that is the road we choose that God will provide a way for us :) No time line yet, but we'll keep you in the loop!

Thanks for reading and caring!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Praise Report

Yesterday was a long day...... Caleb, his mom Gina and I got to the hospital at 8am and began getting ready for the surgery. Caleb and I headed back to the pre-op room. Our nurse in the morning was Jaime and she was very sweet, she asked me lots of questions. Then nurse Silvia got my IV started she hummed the whole time. While my IV was getting started, Jaime said "it sure is nice of your mom to come up" (referring to me). Caleb said, "actually that's my mom." (Huge compliment cause my mother-in-law is gorgeous.) I told the ladies that my mama was in heaven and that Gina was sweet enough to come up and take care of me. That was the only time I cried all day :) I liked my pre-op nurses.

Then I met my anesthesiologist. He was very nice too, but I couldn't pronounce his name. Shortly after meeting him I met the OR nurses who walked me down to the operating room. I said goodbye to Caleb. I barely had a second to say goodbye to those nurses before the sneaky anesthesiologist gave me the meds... and I was OUT.

After two hours of surgery, I woke up feeling rather nauseous. It took me a while to get dressed and out the door. Caleb and Gina informed me that I had both fallopian tubes still, which didn't make any sense to me. Later, when I was feeling better they explained to me that the Dr saw no trace of a hydrosalpinx on my left tube, or anywhere. She did see some endometriosis on my uterus that she burned off (probably would not have caused two years of infertility). She wanted me to call her later to chat because I wasn't quite awake at the hospital. She explained that both tubes were completely open and that everything looked great. She was rather confused as to how this could have happened. We have seen the hydrosalpinx in multiple other ultrasounds, and the left tube was blocked during the hsg test. She asked if she could bring up my case to her other colleagues to discuss what is going on. I told her that God probably healed me, and to tell the other doctors that that was probably what happened.

I've just been resting and drinking lots of fluids. So grateful for all the prayers. They work :)

all my love

Sunday, June 5, 2011

surgery tomorrow

PRAYERS welcome. My sweet mother in law Gina is flying up to help take care of me while I'm down and out. I go in tomorrow at 8am and surgery is scheduled for 10am. We are planning on removing the left tube with the hydro on it. Its most likely been the reason we have not been getting pregnant. The right tube has never shown a hydro on it and the hsg test showed a clear right tube. SO we are praying that is still the case. If, when I'm in surgery and the Dr. sees that the right tube is diseased she will converse with Caleb about a solution. If the right tube has a hydro on it, we will most likely remove it... Meaning I'd be tubeless. :( no natural pregnancies for me. I'd really love to get pregnant the normal way. But I guess I can get over it, If that is indeed the case. I have been fortunate enough to speak with 3 different obgyns while they were at the Tides. They all agreed that the tube(s) needed to go. One of the Doctors asked if he could pray for me. So, his buddy and him prayed for me on the busy deck of the tides. It was precious and AWESOME!

We have been loving this weather. Emma has been waiting to go outside and play all winter long. AND, it seems like some strange neighbor kitty has been waiting for her too. I think he wants to make kittens with emma, she is NOT having it! She hasn't gone out much. :/

More to come!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


I passed my Basi written final exam. I was anxious to take it as I hadn't studied as much as I would have liked to. The past two weeks were crazy with mothers day, my birthday, my girlfriend shavon's birthday, a wedding and some not so fun news from the doctor I had my mind full. It is such a relief to have the test done and over with so now I can spend more time focusing on the exercises and observation (and my house cleaning).

So, as you could imagine Mothers Day was NOT my favorite day. I don't have my mama here to celebrate and I haven't been able to BE a mama. I wish so badly I could have had one of the mothers days back with my mom, I would have done something spectacular for her to show her how special she was. But, we can't go back in time... we can only learn from the past. It's a good reminder to be grateful for all those around us. I was so in awe of my gma, she has a couple years of experience on me... but, she managed to keep a smile on her face all mothers day long. I hope I can grow up to be more and more like her. :) Positive Pat!

I'm sure you are all wondering where we are at with our infertility treatments. We have had one more failed iui that we kept a secret because it was so sad to tell people that it didn't work the first time. We had an appointment last week with the Dr. to re-group and get a new game plan. She informed us that the left tube is damaged and recommended that we remove the tube completely.  As far as we know (ultrasound & dye test) the left tube is the tube that is affected and the right tube remains open. We will find out when we go in for surgery on June 6th to remove it. We are a little (me) nervous for the surgery. I have came a LONG way with getting poked by needles and what not so... I should be fine

Tomorrow we celebrate my sweet husbands 32nd birthday. I'm so grateful to have him by my side. In honor of Caleb here are 32 things I LOVE about him. (no particular order)

32. He makes the best eggs on toast.
31. He has great fashion sense
30. He likes to get scared by me (or he tolerates my pranks)
29. He loves movies.
28. He loves the EMMA cat now a days
27. He is supportive and sweet.
26. He leads us in prayer at night and makes sure we are connected to God.
25. He is the most talented speaker I know.
24. He writes the sweetest cards to me.
23. He can sweet talk anyone (comes in handy when we are in a bind!)
22. He is a constant learner.
21. He likes to play volleyball
20. He He always has time to listen to others peoples problems and offers support.
19. He is freaking HANDSOME.
18. He is a silly goose
17. He appreciates everything I cook for him, even if it is just warmed up left-overs!
16. He is sensitive to his surroundings.
15. He helps me get the heavy comforter over my shoulders at night.
14. He wakes up happy.
13. He helps me study.
12. He is a fantastic writer.
11. He loves chips and salsa and margaritas
10. He loves to giggle and make me giggle.
9. He holds my hand and makes sure I know I'm loved.
8. He moved to Washington to help me take care of my mom.
7. He knows everyone who works at Masa by name and their life story.
6. He wears his smile and fancy designer jeans everywhere he goes.
5. He has learned how to be a good friend to people... so everyone loves him.
4. He is leads by example.. I learn from him daily.
3. He makes me want to be a better person.
2. He is my bestest friend
1. I just love him. love love love him.

the end.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone!

We have had such a busy couple of months over here in the Anderson home! I began my Basi Pilates Comprehensive training in March and it has been a whirlwind ever since. I am already certified in that Mat portion of the course, so that is a review for me. (thank goodness!) But I'm learning all of the equipment now which is so fun, but also a lot of work!  Along with the training I have to get in 200 hours of observation, 200 hours of teaching, and 200 practical hours... So, while I'm not at the tides... you can find me at the studio! At the end of the course we have a written exam, 10 page paper... AND dum da da dummmmm..... I get to fly down and test out in front of Rael Isacowitz, founder of Basi Pilates. I'm only slightly intimidated! Either way I'm loving the course and all the time I get to dedicate to pilates in this season of life. If you are interested in trying out Pilates let me know... Right now I'm an intern at the Pilates Body and a private with me is only 20$, such a great deal!

Caleb helped me pull weeds and plant flowers yesterday and the day before.. What wonderful weather we had, I worked outside until it got too dark. We planted carrots, corn, melons, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, sweet peas, hydrangeas, johnny jump ups, snapdragons. All my favorites! I sure hope they grow. Emma wasn't much help, but she did come out and roll around in the sun... Pretty cute. She wont go outside if it isn't warm enough for her (such a kitty princess!)

No huge Easter plans this year. We went to church this morning and are hoping to see my brother this afternoon. Gma pat had knee surgery this past week, so she will be laying low.

In Church this morning they talked about the third day... When Jesus rose from the dead and offered us hope in the midst of trial. So even when our world seems depressing and awful, remember there is always a third day! I'm so grateful for the third-day!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


OH BOY! I loved my acupuncture meeting! I went to acupuncture northwest in downtown tacoma. They specialize in infertility... The girls sat with me before the needles to ask me lots of thoughtful questions about my medical history. Then I just laid down on a table (like a massage table) and she began inserting the needles in my back...Crazy thing is it did NOT hurt, but my back decided to spasm every time she came near me with a needle. I couldn't get my back to just be still. It was the strangest thing. She said she has seen people react like that before, so i guess i don't feel too bad. then she left the room while i took a nice little nap under the heat lamp.  AND that was it! It was like a spa treatment really!  They gave me some light reading to learn about chinese medicine and fertility. (just 350 pages, no biggie) They also gave me a list of foods to eat and foods to stay away from. Mainly she told me to cut out my coffee habit (WHAT???) I'm not too surprised, just bummed! I just love the taste of coffee (and lets face it milk) she said it wasnt just the caffeine in the coffee but the coffee bean itself, so that means no decaf either.

IF anyone has ever been interested in acupuncture, but nervous about it... GIVE IT A GO! I loved my experience.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's official, I signed up for the Basi Pilates comprehensive course. I am super excited and at the same time a little nervous! I did the Mat portion of the course last year and found it challenging... but WONDERFUL. Lianne who teaches the course is simply put, amazing! She is very knowledgeable and I am confident that I will learn so much from her. AND GUESS WHAT???  The certification  is here in the harbor, at the studio I already work at! The course begins in March and am excited that two of my friends will be taking the course with me.

I won't be leaving the tides right away. (I still love my tides family!!!) It will take me time to get certified and ready to be teaching. But, my goal is to be making more money teaching pilates then the tides. I will get there! But, I also know that it will take time and hard work. I'm prepared for it!

As far as baby making goes... We are taking this month off from SRM, We will reconnect with them in march or april. Next week I have an appointment with an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. Also, I am taking lots of wonderful supplements and fish oil. We are still hopeful that baby will happen soon!

more later!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The results are in...

...In the form of good old faithful "auntie flow." (That's code for I got me period yesterday.) No pregnancy. I was rather devastated yesterday, as everything was looking so hopeful. The nurse had called in the middle of the week explaining how great the procedure went and that she was pretty positive that it would work.

The procedure itself wasn't very painful... but that night I woke up at 3am and could not fall back asleep due to the cramping. For the next week I was crampy (varied from really bad to manageable)  and exhausted... probably due to the hormones/new procedure. I'm not sure what we will do from here... It took quite a bit out of me last time, so we'll see. We appreciate all the prayers and support.  We are doing our best to stay hopeful in our journey, which ever direction that may be. 

It's scary sharing this journey with everyone, and some responses are unintentionally disheartening. (Infertility is a hard topic and isn't openly talked about much.) But we love our friends. We're grateful for your support. And we especially love supportive, funny, and kind messages encouraging us on our journey :)

P.S. if you are the fairy that weeded my yard yesterday please tell me so i can thank you... it was a nice surprise when I came home. If no one will claim it, I'm going to say my mama did it :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The big day

Yesterday, Caleb and I had an appointment to see how my body was responding to the clomid. The doctor was pleased with my reaction to clomid, and said that the "conditions were perfect" I had eggs maturing on the right side (left side is the damaged tube side) If we had eggs developing on the left side we would have to wait until the next cycle and start over.

We chose to get the hcg shot which forces ovulation. They gave it to me before I left yesterday.. THIS morning caleb and i each had our appointments. I received the iui around 10:45. It wasn't too painful... still not my favorite. Now we just wait and see. Please pray that it works!

In other baby news... I had the pleasure of meeting my brand new niece Hallie Jane yesterday. She is my sister Andrea's new daughter. She was just perfect. I loved getting to hold her. It's still hard to say who she looks like.... i guess time will tell.

Thanks so much for reading and your support.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"chewables" and other medicines.

Long time no write. I have been busy with the holiday season, I have neglected to blog! Christmas was wonderful... Still missing my mom, but was wonderful. Caleb got me a beautiful necklace with a "K" for kimi on it. I haven't taken it off yet! :) I got him... Wait for it... A ROOMBA! Yes, a robot that vacuums for you. I thought it was the perfect gift, He loves clean floors and hates to vacuum. AND, I dont have to vacuum either! DONE. Best gift ever. Right before Christmas hit, Caleb's book arrived... A BOOK HE WROTE! YEAH, he's a flippin' published author nowadays! The book is called "Chewables"-40 simple practical inspirational readings for your overall health. I'm so proud of him, and the book. He is a very gifted communicator, both in speaking and writing.  Books are available at Chewablesbook.com. You should check out the website either way, Caleb updates almost daily with new writings!

After Christmas we headed down to Arizona to visit Caleb's parents. We had a wonderful time with them. They are so generous and sweet to us. We got back last week, just in time for....
Clomid (medicine that helps the fertility process along) Yep, Caleb, me and our medical team are moving forward in baby-making. Although it seems less romantic when you involve doctors and what not. Next week its our first and hopefully last IUI attempt. I dont believe I get any more vicodin though... which is too bad, that made the experience so much better last time! Please be praying for a successful Doctor's visit next week. Lots of love and health