Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Capo Beach, California.. Our new home.

It's been quite a while since I updated the blog, but we have been SOO busy with the move and all that entails. Caleb got down to California late August and found work and an apartment. Our landlord was sweet enough to leave the apartment furnished for Caleb until I got down. I must say, Caleb did GOOD work... I LOVE our apartment, and so does Emma. more on that later.

I worked pretty much up until the day we moved, at both the studio and at the Tides. It was hectic to say the least. When I wasn't at work I was busy selling the bulk of our things on Craigslist. I had GREAT luck and sold pretty much everything that we needed to sell. What I didn't sell on Craigslist I sold at my Garage sale. Which I could have not put together without the help of my beach-neighbor and Stand-in-mama, Janey Pinneo. It was rather overwhelming for me to pare down so much stuff... And you might be thinking, "Why was there so much to pare down?" Because I had a LOT of my mothers things that needed to go. Mainly crafting things, clothes, and other knick knacks... but, it all added up to a bunch of stuff. I wasn't really able to think clearly about my mother's stuff... How could I figure out what was the most important items to keep. I began to get anxious and emotional just entering the house. So one morning while I was on my run, on the brink of tears... I prayed that someone would be willing/ask if they could help. It was a simple prayer, and I trusted that God would answer it. And he worked FAST, by the time I got home I had received an email from Janey asking if I would need any help getting ready for the garage sale. I wiped some tears away and gratefully accepted the help. It was clear to me that it was a divine appointment.  To me, losing my mom was the hugest void and loss I could fathom. So when God shows me that he's got me, he's making sure that i am being taken care of... Its the sweetest most intimate feeling.

After two days of help, I was ready for a sale... or so I thought. Garage sales are, not exactly my favorite!  :) but, I had wonderful help from 3 lovely friends. Emily Tollefson on Friday, Long time friend Janna Trolia both Friday and Saturday. And Tracie Parker Saturday and Sunday. For the most part everything went so smoothly. I didn't love people looking and touching my/my mothers things... But, I knew there was an end in sight. And after a long 5 weeks a husband at the end of the tunnel.

I was so excited to see Caleb when he got to me. It was a long time to not see the hubby and was so happy to have him with me again. He accompanied me to my last day at the Tides, I had him take me in early so I could put flowers on my tables. I had wonderful customers for my last day AND gma, Karen, jack and Caleb had lunch in my section as well. As I delivered my last tray of food I cried and the room clapped. After I clocked off, we all gathered in the lower room and had wine, laughed, cried and ate the yummiest cake of all time made by la coco Hampton!  The Tides has been more then a job to me. I worked at the Tides for 7 years, and has been more like a family to me. I was so incredibly supported through out the loss of my mom... and my larazmapam days (zombie days) I was never short of a shoulder to cry on. I am going to miss our rainy day recess on Tuesdays and silly chore lists, boot dances and twirls. But, most of all I will miss my tides family.

After the tides goodbye, Caleb and I had lots more work to do around the house. We worked tirelessly getting all of our stuff either packed goodwill'd or dumped. I was pooped, just in time for my half Marathon on Sunday morning... Which I ran in 2:04, rather proud of myself... it was a hilly course. Caleb MC'd the Prayer breakfast for the race for a soldier which was awesome. It was a very emotional race as we are so close with Leslie and the cause. After the race Caleb and I went over to the house and finished cleaning/packing and got ready for our goodbye party at the Tides. My boys, Dad and Aaron drove over from leavenworth for the dinner with the family. (which is 3 hours both ways)
I love my boys.. :) We had a lovely family goodbye dinner that was so sweet. I have the best family in the world! I will have a hard time not seeing them all the time. They have been so supportive and loving to both Caleb and I.

So many friends came to our going away party it was incredible. We felt so loved and supported.

So many more too! The next morning we left the beach early at 7am and headed in for one last meal with gma and gpa. I don't think we were hungry until dinner after our pan-i-cake feast! I had my first pancake with an egg on top... Pretty tasty. :)  Our drive down was pretty uneventful, even for the Emmacat she just laid in her carrier and took naps... pretty cute. I wish I could take her everywhere with me! :)

Caleb had multiple surprises for me upon arrival, including a get to know orange county book he put together for me complete with directions to all the coolest spots. He also arranged a fun night with friends at Dave and Busters, it was fun getting to know some orange county peeps. We have been busy getting situated in our smaller, but adorable place. Since we sold most of our things we are sorta starting from scratch again. It's coming together. I will post pics of the "after" soon... but, here is a before pic
We are very very very happy with our apartment and location. We are in South Orange County in a city called Capistrano Beach. It honestly reminds me of Southern Spain in a lot of ways. the architecture, climate and landscape. Caleb has been busy working, and I have been nesting. I guess I should start looking for work, but it feels so good to rest a bit after my busy summer. Last weekend we went up to my first Trojan football game, and it was quite a game! All in all we are happy and loving our new simple life. I am embracing our smaller space and loving the organization challenge. I am grateful for everything we have, especially each other.

Love hilly

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