Monday, November 10, 2014

Número dos...

Caleb and I have had such a busy past couple of months... Starting with getting pregnant- which was achieved through IVF (technically FET) again... I thought the process would be easier this time because we had frozen embryos stored to use... But, when copius amounts of needles and medications showed up at my door I tearfully remembered how challenging the process was. This time I thankfully had my sweet Jack to remind me how worth it all the needles were. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity and privledge to have access to this treatment that helps us grow our family, but dang, that was brutal.

We found out that it worked just five days after the procedure. We were elated, and shocked, we found out so fast. My first trimester was not the best. I felt nauseous the whole time, and was so incredibly tired. Poor Jack, I was boring mama! During the first trimester we began searching for a home to buy which we found quickly--and we just knew it was the one!! When we pulled up we noticed the park across the street. (Jack calls it the "butt." I'm sure he thinks he is saying park, but it comes out butt.) The escrow process was a lot of work but went rather fast. I dutifully packed us up--during my first trimester. Don't do that. It's not fun. 
        (Photo infront of our new home)

With the help of men's ministry and a short time frame we were moved out of our condo and into our new home in 2 hours. 2. Hours. Crazy! We have been busy unpacking and getting settled-- hence the lack of bump photos and gender reveal updates. So without further ado...

Our friend Lori did our ultrasound at 17 weeks to find out the gender. Going into the ultrasound I thought perhaps it was a girl because I was so much sicker this time. But we honestly were just so excited to be pregnant we didn't care. She wrote down the gender and handed us a sealed envelope that made it all the way to the car. Ha! We were so impatient. We decided if it was a boy we would go get a burger and a beer and if it was a girl we would go buy an outfit...

Burger and beer it was. We are so so so excited to have another silly boy to add to our family. No names yet- just lots of joy in our hearts.

Photo of jack in our backyard- that has a lemon tree, lime tree and an avocado tree. 

Infront of our lime tree. 

22 Weeks-
Cravings-cottage cheese.
Kicks- yes, lots! Caleb has even felt them.
Working out- body pump twice a week and Pilates almost daily- really light on the ab work since first trimester though.
Swelling- occasionally