Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5th month

I sure have loved this last month. Caleb and I are feeling like we are in the groove as parents. I actually have a hard time remembering life without Jack. When Caleb gets home I get to work on the dinner while he plays with Jack. Caleb is a busy guy but when he is home, he is really home. We have a nice little rhythm to our life, our favorite day being Monday- Caleb's day off. We spend the day connecting as a fam and relaxing. This past week we headed up to Long Beach to walk around my favorite thrift stores and grab dinner. Jackaroo loves when he get's both of us all to himself. And we love it too!
Jack has began saying bababa and he's rolling his tongue- I think he is working on his Spanish. I do my best to speak to him in Spanish when I can. He also has this really awful screech noise he makes... Sounds like the pterodactyl from Jurassic Park- super fun. He is pretty vocal. My new favorite noise being his laugh. He loves to laugh- and he has quickly figured out who the funniest parent is, ME! Last night while Caleb was holding him, he looked over at me and just started laughing- I wasn't even doing anything. I am a sucker for a laugh, so you will find me doing crazy dances as I'm out walking with him. Anything for a giggle.

People comment on how joyful Jack is... some people who don't know him will get so excited and exclaim, "I got a smile!" I want to tell him that the kid would probably smile at a palm tree... but, I let them be excited about their smile. Jack is also super mellow- he chills out at the beach while we watch daddy play volleyball. He is comfortable going from person to person but definitely has his favorites *cough, Monica. While Jack get's passed around he always likes to keep an eye out for Mom or Dad. Jack was lucky enough to get some quality time with Gma Gina. She came and hung out with Jackaroo while I went to a conference for 3 days. It was so nice to have her help.

Jack has mastered the scoot on his back. He is actually pretty good at it, and can move pretty quickly. He is rolling like crazy without any effort now and is lifting up pretty high. We are mere weeks from having a crawler on our hands. Jack loves to play peek a boo- and will lift the blanket by himself, and laugh when the blanket drops and we tickle him and say peek a boo! Jack hangs out in his exersaucer for like 20 minutes at a time, sometimes more. He is able to intentionally grab things and put them... in his mouth of course. Including his new favorite thing to put in his mouth, his foot. He has been teething still but no teeth yet. He can sit by himself for a little bit but then will topple over. He is getting too long for his 3-6 month pajamas but his onsies all still fit him. His hair is lightning up- blonde at the roots. His eyes are still blue but they seem like they might be turning brown. Time will tell.

Jack has gone from liking his binky, to not liking it, to chewing on it, and now back to liking it. He loves white noise, but needs nothing to aide him in going to bed at night. He is down at 9/10pm and sleeps until 7:30 normally. His naps are another story. He fights going down for a nap during the day, I normally have to let him sleep in the ERGO so he can get a good rest. We are still just breastfeeding- he doesn't much like taking a bottle so it is pretty rare when we have to give him one. We haven't thought about food yet- although he seems sorta interested in food, I think the colors and textures of the food are more appealing to him then actually wanting to eat anything. 

We call him Jackaroo, Mr. Jack, Mon fer, Jackarooski, Jackyboy, Jackers, Sillyboy.

We love him.

His gummy smile is my favorite.