Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 24- 6 months!!!

I cannot believe we are 6 months pregnant! WHAT A BLESSING. If anything, waiting 3+ years to get pregnant gave me great perspective. I don't know how to put into words the excitement Caleb and I felt to see the positive pregnancy test, and the first heartbeat... AND NOW- 6 months pregnant! It's is simply the sweetest gift we have ever received. As I look down at my growing belly, I can't help but get emotional. God is so faithful, and generous.

Caleb has been busy working working working... So, I figured I would work a little too! We had been debating what work would look like for me... I want to be home with the babe when he arrives, and I obviously don't want to overdo it. So I put a couple feelers out and found the perfect job. I'm working at Tuvalu in Laguna Beach, a home furnishing and accessories store. The owner's daughter played on our volleyball team. I not only love everything in the store, I am loving the positive work environment. I have only been there for a week... and I already feel like I hit the work JACKPOT!

Baby Jack is growing lots. I can feel my abdominal muscles stretching and aching. Just this past week I have began to feel a little uncomfortable. It takes me a little longer to get out of a chair or roll over in bed. It just means I get more foot rubs from the handsome one.

Movement- More and more everyday. We are still waiting for Caleb to feel the movements.
Pregnancy Pro- I am loving my HAIR, it is thicker and shinier. And...some of you might want to punch me, but my eyelashes are longer and thicker! :)
Weight Gain- 14 pounds
Working out- Still doing my best- although, it's a little more hit or miss these days.
Cravings- Peaches, pears, goat cheese
Aversions- Same old aversions as before. It seems as though nothing really sounds good until it's infront of me.
Baby Size- Eggplant. 9 inches 1.7 pounds.
Pregnancy symptoms- I have to be careful to drink LOTS of water or I wake up with a dehydration head-ache... That, and the bizarre metal taste in my mouth.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 22

I am SOOOO excited to write this post. On Monday night, the 24th of September I felt baby Jack's first little kicks. We were watching the Seahawks "beat" the Packers--- The night that brought back the official referees. It was quite the exciting night, but nothing could compare to the joy I felt feeling my sweet baby boy saying hello for the first time! His "kicks" are more like flutters- pop corn popping, and sometimes it tickles. He is very active early in the morning, so I lay in bed and smile while he plays. I love feeling him in my tummy and I know Caleb is anxious to feel him as well.

We need to go register for the baby Jack, but it seems a lot more daunting then registering for our wedding. I mean it's much easier picking out plates than it is breast pumps! My sister Andrea was SUPER thoughtful and sent me a book called Baby Bargains. It tells me where I can save and when to splurge. It will come in handy when we do go to register. Along with the book, it's nice to talk to mommies who have used the products and have advice. It already takes a village. :)

I'm still debating cloth diapers or disposable. I have multiple friends who use and love cloth diapers. Here is what I love about the idea of cloth diapers: They are cheaper than using disposable and they are better for the environment. Down side is obviously the laundry, ahem soiled laundry. We are keeping the conversation going... any mamas who went with cloth have any advice please send it my way.
Week 22
Movements- YES, started in week 21.
Weight Gain- 10 pounds
Baby Size- Spaghetti squash (8 inches, 1pound)
Cravings- Lemon, Oranges, Peaches, Cookies.
Aversions- Caleb refers to it as the restaurant we don't speak of: Chic-fil-a. Can't even smell it. I don't even like driving by it. GAROSSSSS! I wonder if I will ever like it again?
Working out- Steady, loving the eliptical and arm work on the reformer.
Emma- getting SASSY, I think she now knows that I am not just getting fat and that there is a baby in there. 
Nursery- I have decided on a maritime theme... A grown up maritime theme. I do know we need to paint the walls grey, and grey can be a tricky paint color for me.
Energy- Back to normal-ish.