Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 24- 6 months!!!

I cannot believe we are 6 months pregnant! WHAT A BLESSING. If anything, waiting 3+ years to get pregnant gave me great perspective. I don't know how to put into words the excitement Caleb and I felt to see the positive pregnancy test, and the first heartbeat... AND NOW- 6 months pregnant! It's is simply the sweetest gift we have ever received. As I look down at my growing belly, I can't help but get emotional. God is so faithful, and generous.

Caleb has been busy working working working... So, I figured I would work a little too! We had been debating what work would look like for me... I want to be home with the babe when he arrives, and I obviously don't want to overdo it. So I put a couple feelers out and found the perfect job. I'm working at Tuvalu in Laguna Beach, a home furnishing and accessories store. The owner's daughter played on our volleyball team. I not only love everything in the store, I am loving the positive work environment. I have only been there for a week... and I already feel like I hit the work JACKPOT!

Baby Jack is growing lots. I can feel my abdominal muscles stretching and aching. Just this past week I have began to feel a little uncomfortable. It takes me a little longer to get out of a chair or roll over in bed. It just means I get more foot rubs from the handsome one.

Movement- More and more everyday. We are still waiting for Caleb to feel the movements.
Pregnancy Pro- I am loving my HAIR, it is thicker and shinier. And...some of you might want to punch me, but my eyelashes are longer and thicker! :)
Weight Gain- 14 pounds
Working out- Still doing my best- although, it's a little more hit or miss these days.
Cravings- Peaches, pears, goat cheese
Aversions- Same old aversions as before. It seems as though nothing really sounds good until it's infront of me.
Baby Size- Eggplant. 9 inches 1.7 pounds.
Pregnancy symptoms- I have to be careful to drink LOTS of water or I wake up with a dehydration head-ache... That, and the bizarre metal taste in my mouth.

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