Sunday, May 15, 2011


I passed my Basi written final exam. I was anxious to take it as I hadn't studied as much as I would have liked to. The past two weeks were crazy with mothers day, my birthday, my girlfriend shavon's birthday, a wedding and some not so fun news from the doctor I had my mind full. It is such a relief to have the test done and over with so now I can spend more time focusing on the exercises and observation (and my house cleaning).

So, as you could imagine Mothers Day was NOT my favorite day. I don't have my mama here to celebrate and I haven't been able to BE a mama. I wish so badly I could have had one of the mothers days back with my mom, I would have done something spectacular for her to show her how special she was. But, we can't go back in time... we can only learn from the past. It's a good reminder to be grateful for all those around us. I was so in awe of my gma, she has a couple years of experience on me... but, she managed to keep a smile on her face all mothers day long. I hope I can grow up to be more and more like her. :) Positive Pat!

I'm sure you are all wondering where we are at with our infertility treatments. We have had one more failed iui that we kept a secret because it was so sad to tell people that it didn't work the first time. We had an appointment last week with the Dr. to re-group and get a new game plan. She informed us that the left tube is damaged and recommended that we remove the tube completely.  As far as we know (ultrasound & dye test) the left tube is the tube that is affected and the right tube remains open. We will find out when we go in for surgery on June 6th to remove it. We are a little (me) nervous for the surgery. I have came a LONG way with getting poked by needles and what not so... I should be fine

Tomorrow we celebrate my sweet husbands 32nd birthday. I'm so grateful to have him by my side. In honor of Caleb here are 32 things I LOVE about him. (no particular order)

32. He makes the best eggs on toast.
31. He has great fashion sense
30. He likes to get scared by me (or he tolerates my pranks)
29. He loves movies.
28. He loves the EMMA cat now a days
27. He is supportive and sweet.
26. He leads us in prayer at night and makes sure we are connected to God.
25. He is the most talented speaker I know.
24. He writes the sweetest cards to me.
23. He can sweet talk anyone (comes in handy when we are in a bind!)
22. He is a constant learner.
21. He likes to play volleyball
20. He He always has time to listen to others peoples problems and offers support.
19. He is freaking HANDSOME.
18. He is a silly goose
17. He appreciates everything I cook for him, even if it is just warmed up left-overs!
16. He is sensitive to his surroundings.
15. He helps me get the heavy comforter over my shoulders at night.
14. He wakes up happy.
13. He helps me study.
12. He is a fantastic writer.
11. He loves chips and salsa and margaritas
10. He loves to giggle and make me giggle.
9. He holds my hand and makes sure I know I'm loved.
8. He moved to Washington to help me take care of my mom.
7. He knows everyone who works at Masa by name and their life story.
6. He wears his smile and fancy designer jeans everywhere he goes.
5. He has learned how to be a good friend to people... so everyone loves him.
4. He is leads by example.. I learn from him daily.
3. He makes me want to be a better person.
2. He is my bestest friend
1. I just love him. love love love him.

the end.

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