Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Praise Report

Yesterday was a long day...... Caleb, his mom Gina and I got to the hospital at 8am and began getting ready for the surgery. Caleb and I headed back to the pre-op room. Our nurse in the morning was Jaime and she was very sweet, she asked me lots of questions. Then nurse Silvia got my IV started she hummed the whole time. While my IV was getting started, Jaime said "it sure is nice of your mom to come up" (referring to me). Caleb said, "actually that's my mom." (Huge compliment cause my mother-in-law is gorgeous.) I told the ladies that my mama was in heaven and that Gina was sweet enough to come up and take care of me. That was the only time I cried all day :) I liked my pre-op nurses.

Then I met my anesthesiologist. He was very nice too, but I couldn't pronounce his name. Shortly after meeting him I met the OR nurses who walked me down to the operating room. I said goodbye to Caleb. I barely had a second to say goodbye to those nurses before the sneaky anesthesiologist gave me the meds... and I was OUT.

After two hours of surgery, I woke up feeling rather nauseous. It took me a while to get dressed and out the door. Caleb and Gina informed me that I had both fallopian tubes still, which didn't make any sense to me. Later, when I was feeling better they explained to me that the Dr saw no trace of a hydrosalpinx on my left tube, or anywhere. She did see some endometriosis on my uterus that she burned off (probably would not have caused two years of infertility). She wanted me to call her later to chat because I wasn't quite awake at the hospital. She explained that both tubes were completely open and that everything looked great. She was rather confused as to how this could have happened. We have seen the hydrosalpinx in multiple other ultrasounds, and the left tube was blocked during the hsg test. She asked if she could bring up my case to her other colleagues to discuss what is going on. I told her that God probably healed me, and to tell the other doctors that that was probably what happened.

I've just been resting and drinking lots of fluids. So grateful for all the prayers. They work :)

all my love


  1. Amazing Hilary! :) I'm just so happy to hear that you're tubes were all cleared up and just praying for you and Caleb to make a beautiful, sweet baby!

  2. Such a sweet story Hilary, and oh to give God the glory for the healing. May He bless you and Caleb soon with a precious little one.
    Love you both so much, Janey & Jeff