Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exciting news

Caleb and I have some exciting news!!!! (that doesn't involve a pregnancy... yet!) We are moving to California. We had thought/prayed/dreamed about the move for a long time and it is finally for certain. We are moving. When Caleb's contract ended at the YMCA we started thinking about what we would do next. As many of you know, Caleb grew up in Southern California. We always thought we might end up there at some point, we just didn't know when. We LOVE living in Gig Harbor, but, at least for now, we feel in our hearts that there is more opportunity in California. Caleb has almost 20 years worth of relationships and connections down there, and he's already secured some projects.

So, Caleb has lined-up contract work with Brett Eastman and Life Together - with ties to Saddleback Church - doing small group content development, training, and coaching. He's also working on media projects for Contexture Int'l... and he's talking to a couple other companies. (Oh, and he's been asked to coach volleyball - we'll see about that one.)

I will be pursuing my Pilates and hopefully find somewhere to speak Spanish! :) I'm looking forward to the sunshine, beach, and palm trees.

We found a condo we'll rent in San Juan Capistrano. It will be a more "petite" place :) I will have fun learning to be an organizing wizard to fit all my stuff in the little condo. Where am I going to put my Christmas decor???? I think I will quickly get over it as I WALK to the beach! How exciting! WALK TO THE BEACH!

This has been a difficult past few months for me as I contemplate moving out of our house, and leaving my family and friends. I love the home that we have created in the Harbor. I love running into cousins everywhere I turn. I love seeing my sweet gma and gpa for visits. I love sewing with my auntie karen. I love playing at the lake with jack, cindy and kelsey. I love seeing my ally boo at the tides. I just love my family and friends, and I will miss everyone SO MUCH. But Caleb and I will be back up here often. We'll visit regularly and we'll stay connected. And we'll hope to see all the "snow birds" that fly south in the winter!

Plus, I'll keep posting blogs as our lives unfold... so stay tuned!! Much love and gratitude. Until next time...

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