Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

I have been excited about celebrating Mother's Day since the moment I realized I was pregnant. Like most people who's birthday occasionally falls on Mother's Day, I was very aware that this year my birthday would be sharing the day with all the mamas. Mother's Day has not been my favorite day for a few years now. Having lost my mother in 2009 and struggling with infertility ever since it always felt like a double whammy. And I am so so incredibly thankful that God saved me from having to go through another Mother's day without a baby in my arms. Jack is more then I could have imagined and I am incredibly grateful to have my sweet son.

But, it's safe to say this girl still misses her mommy. In my only quiet moment today-drying my hair (not too many quiet moments with a 3 month old) I began to weep. Oh how I wish I could show my mom my baby, and ask her about this crazy rash on his face, giggle about his sweet gummy smile, and try and figure out who he looks like.

She was so... everything. I was so incredibly blessed to have her. She was so quirky and silly, comfortable in her own skin. She cared more about how others felt then herself. The woman could do anything; technologically savvy, total green thumb, cooking genius, seamstress, knitter and quilter... the list goes on.

I am so excited about celebrating my birthday and first mother's day, but I will always miss my mom.

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