Sunday, December 14, 2014

3rd Tri... here we go...

 Photo: almost 28 weeks
I can NOT believe I'm headed into my third trimester this week. This is crazy. I have still felt great for the most part. We had a LOVELY trip to Washington to celebrate thanksgiving with my family. It was so nice to enjoy my Gpa's turkey dinner- he is 88 and still does the WHOLE meal by himself. With only one oven. And it tastes incredible. How does one do that? I had the privileged of bringing a dessert alongside my Gma's pie. She made her famous banana cream pie and I made an Apple custard tart with a shortbread like crust. Both were so delicious and made completely from scratch- that's how we roll.
 Jack was a good boy at thanksgiving he stayed up late, played cars, guitar and sat in his "seat". He loved visiting with all the family and the big dog Sooey (lucy-great dane). It was a quick trip up and back- I'm so sorry if I didn't see you while we were up- We spent all our time either resting or playing with Gigi (gma pat) and Gpa.
  Since we have been home Caleb had his second surgery to repair the surgery he originally had in June. He has been on bed rest for 10 days- Which isn't ideal for the church... but, as his wife- I couldn't be happier. I'm so grateful for all this quality time with my man. I feel so bad that he is in pain, but it is so fun to have his undivided attention. He is anxious to get back to work- but wants to do exactly what is needed to heal properly so we are following Doctors orders. Jack loves that dad is home- but doesnt love that he is always "sleep". I'm so grateful for this special Christmas season that I had my husband home with me for 10 days!!! BEST gift ever.
 I spoke at our ladies Christmas Brunch this past week. I was asked 9 months ago, and tried to forget that I said "yes" to speak. I do not feel qualified to speak at an event- and public speaking absolutely terrifies me. But as the day approached Caleb helped me put together a 20 minute message to share with the ladies. I spoke about what it means to be an encouraging friend like Elizabeth was to Mary (Luke 1), and I can honestly say that I think it went great... Mainly because I have so many encouraging friends who have given me plenty of stories and illustrations to pull from. While I didn't enjoy public speaking- I was completely honored to speak to the ladies of our church and to share what God put on my heart to share.
 Pregnancy has been so great. Still working out. Still chasing down a toddler! :) I saw the Dr. this week and we are on track. Measuring a little small-as did Jack my whole pregnancy!
 I've been busy nesting getting ready for baby- I made curtains for our living room- and I love them! I lined them with a blackout liner- a lot of work but totally worth it. Nursery and big boy room are next! 
 Jack still loves Santa. When we got home from Washington I wanted to put the tree up immediately and decorate it. It was at night so jack was already asleep... I begged Caleb to go get jack so he could see the tree and put the first ornament up. I will never forget his face when he saw the tree- he said wow and put his hand to his face. He happily put the first ornament on the tree and asked for mo. We did a few and put him back to sleep and waited until the next day to finish the tree together. I ALMOST missed it. In my need to have everything done quickly I almost missed out on the memory of doing it together. Now I know.
 We are continuing our internet christmas card tradition. 😁🌲 

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