Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week 16

We have had a very eventful past couple of weeks! For starters, I decided to run my finger through my Cuisinart hand mixer blade. I was whipping up my craving for fresh whipped cream when it all went down. While cleaning under the sharp blade I accidentally hit the power button, which lodged my finger between the guard and the blade. Caleb was unable to get the blade/cuisinart off my finger so we wrapped the whole bloody mess and drove to the ER. They got me in right away and used a bolt cutter to get the machine off my finger. The blade chipped my finger bone and left me with 5 stitches. I have never broken a bone nor have I ever had stitches- pregnant and unable to take pain meds was probably the worst time to attempt a break/stitches but I survived. They gave me some antibiotics and a tetanus shot.

We had another ultrasound this past week.. The babe was hiding the goods so we don't know the sex yet! :)  I teared up thinking about it being a girl. I would love to be a mama to a girl... But, we have thought it was a boy all along. I just CAN'T wait to know! I'm still not showing much yet- sometimes after dinner I get a bump, but I think it's just food. My mom growing up always made my dresses for dances and would comment on how long my waist was when she would measure me. I'm sure there is just plenty of waist- space for the babe to hide in.

Cravings- Obviously fresh homemade whip cream-not cool whip or out of a spray can, Oranges, Bagels with cream cheese, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry lemonade with sparkling water,  If I was in Washington, I would want my aunt to make me Beef Stroganof!!! Red meat- any which way i can get it.
Aversions- Chicken, still. Avocados- normally a favorite of mine, something about the texture and fat turns me off. Chinese food. Fried food sounds terrible-not that I ever liked it. Vegetables that are like even a day old- CANT do it!!!!!!
Weight Gain- 5 pounds- and I'm seriously not showing AT ALL other then my hips are wider and I have a little muffin top- nothing says pregnant like a muffin top!
Pregnancy Symptoms- Occasionally I feel nauseous- or weak otherwise I feel great!
Exercise- I'm getting back at it! We generally ride our bikes to 24 hour fitness, I be-bop around on all the cardio equipment, lift with caleb, do some planks- drink lots of water!

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  1. You look beautiful, Hily-J. It is so fun to get to follow along on your baby adventures. Boy or girl, you are going to be one fantastic mama. And from here on out, can you please just use a whisk for making your whip cream? xoxo!