Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 weeks... Half way there!

I absolutely CAN NOT believe I am 5 months pregnant! It still hasn't totally set in that I am pregnant. I think it will feel more real when I feel little Jack kick me. We are feeling super blessed to be half way through our pregnancy. Having struggled with fertility for over three years, there isn't a moment where I am not overwhelmed with gratitude that their is a little life growing inside my tummy.

 It certainly has been hectic around here with moving to two services at church and also, moving into a new office space in Huntington Beach. We feel so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful church and group of people. Caleb and I are definitely working on finding a healthy balance of work and us time. We have had such a busy last year- two moves, new jobs, a pregnancy... But hey, its kinda what we do best. Since we have been married we have had lots of moves and emotional heartache. What I love most about our marriage is that we are committed to each other and committed to communicating with each other even when it is difficult.

I would be lying if I wasn't still heart-sick that I am not sharing this season of life with my Kimi. I do have some beautiful pictures of her from when she had Aaron and I that I would love to incorporate into the nursery somehow.
20 weeks, half way there.
Cravings- I mean I could eat a million Puyallup Fair scones if they were around... Luckily Monica's mom flew in with a little scone care package, they were amazing. I'm pretty sure the scones have dominated my every thought for the last couple of weeks.
Aversions- Caleb has been eating this BBQ rib thing- it totally turns me off.
Weight Gain- 7 pounds, But remember I gained 10 pounds throughout the IVF process so I'm NOT feeling my best!
Movements- None yet.
Pregnancy Bonuses- Aside from the obvious excitement about our baby that we are being blessed with, Great foot and shoulder rubs from Caleb.
Aches and Pains- Oh man, there has been lots of little aches and pains that have alarmed me. I suppose you could call me a worry wart. Went to the Dr. a couple times last week because I thought I was having cervical pain- turns out everything looks great.
Growth- OH man I have had a huge growth spurt this past week. I feel like my tummy has doubled in size. I am starting to BUMP!
Nursery- Gma Pat and Gpa Jake bought me our crib that arrived this week. It needs to be put together, which concerns me a lot bit considering how bad Caleb and I are at constructing furniture together. SO, we will accept any and all help. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson bought us a beautiful chair for the nursery, it reclines and glides. I have had so many friends say- spend money on a good chair because you will live in it. We are SO excited for our new nursery additions.
Size- Mango, 6.5 Inches crown to rump, 10 inches crown to heel.
Workouts- Doctors advised a quick break the past week until some of my aches and pains are gone. I've had a hard time finding the right balance with working out, I've accidentally overdone it a couple times.

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