Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas cleaning

WELP, Jodi the quilter just left with all my mothers fabric. (TEAR, pause, breathe.) I made a quilt for my sister Andrea's baby that is due in January and Jodi is going to quilt it for me. I called her yesterday and asked if she could come and get the quilt and oh... by the way would you like some of my mothers scrap fabric Jodi?  She said yes, she would love it. She would use it in her classes and what is left over she would take to the angel guild. She didn't know what she was saying yes to, 4 bins full of fat quarters, scraps and some bigger pieces as well. She was so sweet to take it all away. I'm glad that it will be used and kimi's fabric will be circulating homes in the harbor in some way. She was incredible that mother of mine. She did so much, so many quilts and project. Some unfinished that I will work on. 

I finally came to terms with the fact that I just couldn't possible use all of my mothers fabric, and it just wasn't my style. So I rummaged through all the fabric and paired it down to this...
Mixed in with all of her fabric was love notes from when I was little. Or note pads with insanely long lists on them and at the top it would say TODO Monday. She would undoubtedly have everything crossed off her list. Made for a teary start to my day yesterday. My auntie Karen came around 1, just in the nick of time. She was there to help my cut the binding for the baby quilt, but ended up cleaning up the sewing room with me. It's not finished, but its WAY better.
I want to recover that couch... on the todo list. And unlike my mother, when I say i want to recover that couch, i am NOT implying that I will be doing it. I will have someone else do it :) Anyway, after Karen and I finished upstairs we came down and worked on my kitchen. If you remember, when I had just gotten married my mother flew down to Arizona right before she was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and helped me re-organize my kitchen. Well here we are two years later and her sister was doing the same thing for me. We pulled everything out and put it back in. Two garbage cans full of old spices and odds and ends. She even "attacked" my stove top. What a sweet Auntie. It has been tough entering into Kimi's season again this year. It seems as though we are all feeling sad. I may have jumped the gun and put up Christmas at our house last week but, I like love Christmastime. So many incredible memories from when I was young. I have the stockings hung... Caleb, me, Kimi and Emma cat
My mom made mine and her stockings... Karen made Emma cats. And Kimi had started Caleb's but hadn't finished. Last year my grandma finished it and surprised us with it for Christmas. She hadn't told me that she was working on it. She went to the yarn shop and they helped her finish it. It took grandma and yarn-shop angels a while to figure out where kimi left off. We will treasure our stockings forever.
Tomorrow Caleb and I finally have our second appointment to find out more information on my hydrosalpinx situation. We will be praying that it is just blocking the one side, not the other... And that it's treatable and we can still get pregnant naturally. That would be great! We will update when we find out. 
Merry Christmas.


  1. Awesome post, Hil. Just awesome.
    I think of mom often but Dec 21 will always be 'her day' for me. I always celebrate the solstice and one of the greatest people ever.

  2. Love you, Hilly Jane. Thanks for the post. Love reading about you and Caleb. Thinking of you. xo