Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good News and Giggles

So.... this is Caleb, writing for my wife, Hilary, who is curled up in a Vicodin hangover. We went to the Tacoma branch of the Seattle Infertility Clinic early today for an exam - checking out Hil's "tubes." The outcome was just about as good as we could have hoped. While one of the tubes doesn't seem to be working properly, it doesn't need surgery. It's NOT a case of hydrosalpinx. It's just a less-than-perfect tube. The other tube seems to be working just fine. So we have reason to believe that a natural pregnancy is still possible. Hurray!

So, you know how much fun Hil is, right? I mean, all the time... She's a giggle-maker. Well, especially when she's hopped up on meds. She's been extra-hilarious. I'm thinking about producing an internet show, "Hil says the darnedest things."

Example: After the exam, Hil was feeling a little nauseous. Attentive, the nurse left the room and entered again a minute later with a cup of water. "Hilary, here is some water for you," she said sweetly. "Oh...thanks," Hil started, "but do you think I could have some juice?" And a danish, Hil? the nurse went to the staff refrigerator and poured her some strawberry lemonade.

So, we're excited about the good news from the exam. And we're laughing at silly Hilly. Thanks for reading, thanks for caring. And you can bet that Hil will keep you up-to-date, right here. Stay tuned :)