Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12.21 Kimi's Birthday

12.21 Winter solstice and my sweet mama's birthday. Although she isn't here anymore, we still celebrate her. I hosted dinner for the first time at my house in honor of her tonight. It went wonderfully. Although, my guests weren't too picky (family).

I haven't blogged in a while and a LOT has happened...

First, Caleb released his book Chewables! A real LEGIT book! We are sooo excited about it. I am currently functioning as his manager, president of the fan club, and also head of security. Chewables is a book of 40 daily inspirations for a healthier body, heart, mind and spirit. He wrote it with the ymca in mind but it has had a broad appeal (especially chapter 31 starring yours truly). I attached a link to amazon, if you are interested in purchasing your very own Chewables book :)


Second, My dad came for a visit! He drove over from Wenatchee, toolbox and all. For Christmas he hung up our TV. Which, was no easy task. He was outside in the rain AND under the house crawling around...  4 snowcaps later and a few bad words.. MY TV was hung and the wires were all hiding! :) BEST Christmas present ever!

Third, We went into our next infertility appt. and due to my damaged tube we decided to start clomid... Which will help me ovulate a little more frequently.  We will begin that next cycle in hopes that it will work. The doctor told us that for a normal couple their chance of getting pregnant is 20% any given month. A couple that has been unsuccessful after 1 year has a 5% chance each month of getting pregnant. Pretty interesting huh?

Fourth I hosted the second annual Christmas cookie party in honor of my mom. My sweet cousin Ally came by to help me make cookies before the party. When she arrived she said, I brought some music to listen to. At first i was apprehensive as i was so content with my Christmas music... But i was so happy with her selection. The first couple songs were just nice and mellow. But the third song, was "have I told you lately... That I love you?" It was a song my mother always sang to me as a child. I even wrote that line on the Christmas cookie box i made for my mom years ago. I'm sure ally didn't know about the song connection. And I had to hide my tears from her! It felt like a secret hug from my mom. She was there with us! The party was incredible by the way. My auntie Cindy and Friend Shavon came early to help me set up. LOTS of friends stopped through!

That's all for now, Merry CHRISTMAS!


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