Saturday, November 17, 2012

Washington Showers- pun intended

I traveled up to Washington the first weekend of November, which I must say is a beautiful time to visit! Trees have all changed colors, the crispness in the air, I managed not to get too rained on, AND, best of all, it finally felt right to have my pumpkin spice latte! Don't get me wrong, I love the California weather. But I never feel right having a hot pumpkin-flavored-coffee when it's 85 degrees out.

As I got off the plane with my little baby bump that I could now see- I began to tear up. My friends and family who have prayed for this baby for over three years now get to see this little miracle in my tummy- AMAZING! Friday was a whirlwind with Shavon- I grilled her on how to be a mom while we looked for her wedding dress. We did not find her dress, but we did laugh and have SO much fun together. After dinner she drove me out to Uncle Jack's and Auntie Cindy's house, it was so fun to see them and catch up on their recent trip to Croatia.

Saturday was a fun day celebrating Shavon. Some of her closest friends and I went wine tasting and then had dinner in Bellevue- DONT worry, I was the designated giggle maker-- I mean driver. If you haven't been wine tasting in Woodinville, you should! It is absolutely beautiful up there! We spent the night in Bellevue.

Sunday, I quickly got ready and headed down to Gig Harbor for my first shower! My first BABY shower! My sweet friend Tracie and I are both pregnant so our work friends threw us a joint shower. I sure love my Trix and had so much fun having a shower together (bad pun)! As many of you know, your co-workers know you better then almost anyone-- and having worked at the Tides for 7 years, it was SO special to celebrate with my girls. I cried when I walked in--- showing off my baby bump. These girls have cleaned my tears after multiple failed IUI's and found ways to make me smile. My friend Coco made all the yummy food... Here are some pics from the special day.

yummy foods!

Coco- the amazing Coco

Trix and I with our robot onsies

Handmade robot onsies. PERFECT!
Tracie and I were over-the-top showered with love! Jack got lots of cool stuff! :) I went straight from there back up to Auntie Cindy's where I was having my next shower. :) I arrived to a house perfectly decorated!
Nautical themed...
Perfect backdrop for a shower!
Cake by April   

I was so honored to find out that a work friend of my mom's wanted to make me a cake for my shower. The story goes that my mother won a specialty cake (made by April) in a raffle but passed away before she claimed her cake. April wanted to honor Kimi and make ME the cake! How sweet is that?

Gma Pat, me and Auntie Cindy

Auntie Karen, Me, Auntie Cindy

Most everyone- some people left already

Laura, Deb and LOOK at that BUMP!

My Aunts and Gma worked so hard to make such a special shower for me. There was delicious food, and LOTS of love! There was so many good friends and family there to celebrate this little babe... And my sweet Kimi was definitely there in spirit. Baby Jack was spoiled and I delighted in a room full of women whom had supported me throughout my infertility and now supporting my baby! No gift greater than love!

I know you aren't supposed to have favorite gifts- but I did. They were from my mother. The first gift- and biggest surprise was from April (kimi's co-worker/cakemaker). The card said... "Your mother made this for my son in 1988 and I wanted you to have it." I LOST it. Paralyzed, it took me a few minutes to even look at the gift. The room went silent, and I heard people say my mom's name. Everyone knew that it had to be something from her. I collected myself enough to pull out the most perfect baby sweater. I passed it around for everyone to see. I couldn't imagine a sweeter gift.
My kimi sweater.
The next gift... I knew it was coming but was too scared to open it at the party. So after most people left, I opened the gift from my Aunt Karen. It was a baby quilt my mother had started before she passed but hadn't finished. Aunty Karen put the binding on and had it quilted. It was so sweet!
Finished product.

Kimi and I with the quilt. I might have sewn the borders?!
OK- I guess I can have one little other favorite gift. It's the snoopy sweater my GRANDPA made and no, I didn't mean my grandma... My grandpa Jake makes these snoopy sweaters and auctions them off. Lot's of cousins and other babes I know have a snoopy sweater and I was so excited that baby Jack got one too. There is a little tag on the inside that says- "Homemade by Jake" A sweater knit by Jack's namesake... perfect. Gma made a hat to match it! Treasures!

There you have it... A Washington shower never felt so good!  The next day and a half was filled with family time and a sweet visit from my dad and Kathy from Eastern Washington.


  1. You are so well-loved, Hily-bear. What touching gifts. xoxo!

  2. Thanks Karen, Anna and I often talk about how fun it would be to be moms together with you. Giggles Galore!!!!!