Monday, November 26, 2012

California Shower

 I remember the exact moment that Rhea told me she wanted to throw me a baby shower- I had just told her I was pregnant- and that was the first thing out of her mouth! I was still trying to wrap my mind heart around the fact that I was going to have a BABY shower... Then try and wrap my heart around a friend wanting to throw me a shower. My heart was overwhelmed then and still is.
Me and Rhea
Rhea and I met on my wedding day- Her husband Ty a groomsman in our wedding. While we didn't really get a chance to know each other that day, we became fast friends when Caleb and I moved to California. Rhea is originally from Washington--just like me--so naturally we are both sweet northwestern girls. But it's more then that. Rhea feels like home to me. Although I have only been close to Rhea for a year, it feels like I have known her forever. Both Caleb and I are so grateful that I found such a sweet friend in Rhea. It has made my move to California that much better! 

Um, also, did I mention that she was 8 1/2 months pregnant throwing me an incredible shower? She has the most stunning home...Situated atop a canyon in San Juan Capistrano. Here are some pics of the place...

Formal Living room

Yummy foods!


Jack Thomas

AMAZING Sandwiches

Perfect cupcakes

Treats and drinks

SO thoughtful!


SO thoughtful!
I was so honored to have so many wonderful friends come to my shower. I can't believe I have only lived here for a year and had so many fabulous friends join me in celebrating this miracle!
Some of my vball girlies
I see you T-fly


Adorable Whale blanket!

Even sweeter that a Bruin got me a USC onsie!

First pair of Nike's!
My cousin Kelsey came wearing one of Mother's skirts. I just loved having her in the room with a little piece of my kimi there.
Cousin Kelsey

One of my very best friends Tera Anderson came in from Las vegas... I love my friend Tera- She fit right in with all my California friends... And they all thought she was as fabulous!
The other two out of staters were my Mother in Law and my Grandmother in Law, who is about to be 90! They both flew out for the weekend to be at the shower and even had time to stay and hear Caleb preach on Sunday morning. It was so sweet to have both of them there!
Gma Geedee and Gina

Hey there is a boy!

My sweet friend Amber managed to take pictures and take care of her baby boy the whole day! I'm grateful she took pictures to capture the day!
Nancy and Gina





Some of my Mariner's girls
 I was so bummed I forgot to get a huge group picture of everyone there!  It was so fun to have so many fun friends together celebrating this sweet babe!

After the shower, the Mattson clan, Caleb and I all hung out and watched as Shepard Mattson delighted in all of the trash. Yep I said Trash. This sweet almost 3 year old is absolutely obsessed with Sanitation. Dump trucks/ trash piles/ trash...  Lucky for him there was a huge bag full of tissue and ribbons to move around and lay on. :) It made me so excited to have a baby boy!
Shepard's bag 'o' trash
Along with the trash, Shepard got to let all the balloon's go. It was the perfect end to the perfect shower. Thank you Ty and Rhea for throwing me such a sweet shower!

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