Monday, December 10, 2012

31 weeks

Baby Size- Head of lettuce, 19 inches 4 pounds.
Working out- STILL Not really happening. We tried swimming and it was going great for about ten minutes, then legs went numb, started throwing up in my mouth... It's strange because my heart rate isn't getting too high. :( I might be done working out for a while. And I would like to note that I said "we worked out" Caleb is the best husband! He is by my side all the time, and wanted to go swimming with me to check on Jack and I! :) So in love with that man!
Cravings- Mac and cheese, Turkey and cranberry sandwich, Chamomile tea, Grapes, oranges.
Nursery- Need's my full attention, but it's Christmas season so lets be honest, it's probably not happening for a while! :)
Aches and Pains- My ribs still hurt. they are expanding and it hurts. My back is starting to bug me a little bit- nothing my sweet hubby can't fix! :) I would like to note this bizarre "ache" I have a buzzing numbness under my left boob. I googled it, other women have it too- I have yet to find out the source of this buzzing, but it has been there for months.
Maternity Photos- We had so much fun getting our pictures taken by fellow pastors wife- Whitney Schey! We loved how the pictures came out, she did amazing. I think I was almost 28 weeks at time of photos-

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  1. beautiful!!!! I love them. I love seeing your sweet pregnant bump. we love you all and sweet baby jack. (and this is Kimberly but Josh agrees I am sure:))