Thursday, December 20, 2012

33 weeks!

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. She would have been 59, and she would have loved sharing my pregnancy with me. I often wish I could ask her about her two pregnancies, I wonder how similar they were to mine. I asked my Aunties and GMA if they remembered if my mom had an easy delivery- The answer wasn't quite what I wanted to hear. All three of them said in unison- "noooo no no no no!" I didn't ask for them to expand- I will just be praying my delivery is opposite! 

But there is a lot about my mom that I hope is the SAME: 
 - She was creativity as a mom. She always had fun projects for my brother and I to enjoy. 
 - She could cook, clean, garden, sew, knit, all while watching over two crazy children. Did I mention she worked at night? She worked nights at the hospital after my dad got home.
 - She was loving and lovable. Everyone at her work loved Kimi. And she was good at what she did.
 - She took pride in keeping her home clean and welcoming. And her garden was always fully of sweet-peas, roses, bachelor buttons, and forget-me-nots.
Kimi and Me

Me and Jack 33 weeks
Baby Size- Honeydew melon- 19 inches.. 4.5 pounds.
Working out- Walking, Walking and talking at the same time, Pilates.
Cravings- Tuna, Soup- probably because it's cold, Christmas Cookies!
Aches and Pains- My ribs still hurt. I have an inch thick band right under my boobs that is numbs- really bizarre feeling. Last week I had some sharp shooting pain in my back/sides- I went and had it checked and I have developed what they call hydronephrosis which means my kidneys are swollen and they aren't moving fluid through at the normal speed, which can be painful. BUT- it is super common to develop this during pregnancy and I don't have ANY kidney stones praise the Lord.
Movement- So much! I love feeling Jack rolling around in my tummy- I feel like I know when he is going to move right before he moves. When he is really active I close my eyes and just hold him and thank the Lord for this sweet blessing! :)
Wedding rings- Off! I am totally retaining water so my fingers are a little swollen. I could still get the ring on, but I'd rather not wear it just in case it gets stuck!
Sleeping- Other then the occasional sharp pain- which I swear is my kidneys- I'm fine! I sleep like a baby and go to the bathroom like 3 times a night. :) 

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