Friday, March 15, 2013

1 Month

Jack's first month has been better then my wildest dreams. He is seriously a very sweet baby. He loves sucking on his fingers/our fingers/his pacifier. We call him our "touch" baby- he loves to be held and cuddled. He only sleeps about a half hour on his own but if one of us lay with him he might sleep for 3 hours! :) SO... mama sleeps with him on the couch while dad is in the bedroom. Sometimes dad comes out if Jack is too fussy and mama needs a break. Because he likes to be held so much, I RELY on the ergo baby to get things done around the house.

At about the end of four weeks I got a smile out of my little bug.  We like to call him our crinkle mouse, groundhog, little buddy, Baby Jack, sweet baby, sweet heart and angel boy. So far it has been a whole lot of sleeping/pooping and eating. Eating has NOT been easy.

Breast feeding is quite a challenge, I'm so thankful for the lactation consultants and friend offering advice. I knew it wasn't going to be easy- but WOW! Jack and I have both worked to get into a rhythm. I think we had everything that could go wrong- go wrong, but I am so grateful we stuck with it. I know my son is getting the best nutrients I can give him... I remind myself that when it hurts so bad!

 I have been just as much panicked as a mom as I was pregnant. I didn't sleep the first 3 night worrying about SIDS- I didn't even fully trust Caleb with him. Sleep eventually won me over and I relaxed enough to get some much needed zzzz's.

My only complaint is that I can't physically show him to my mother. This is by far my proudest moment- one that I so long to share with her. Sometimes during a late night feeding, looking down at my angel I shed a few tears imagining Kimi looking down at a little Hilary or Aaron when we were that small. I bet she loved us as much as I love Jack.

 All in all, Caleb and I feel so grateful to be blessed with such a sweet baby. Here are some photos from his first month of life...

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