Saturday, February 16, 2013

2 weeks later...

Baby Size- at birth 7.7 pounds 19 inches, currently 7.10 and not sure on height
Working out- I've taken Jack for a stroll around the block... trying not to rush it, still have some healing to do.
Weight gain- I gained 35 pounds with Jack, plus an additional 10 from IVF. I'm down 20 pounds but still have a ways to go! :) I know I have time, no rush.
Cravings- Oatmeal! oatmeal and more oatmeal.
Aches and Pains- My ribs no longer hurt! :) hurray! I actually feel pretty good- still hurts down there a little bit, but better then I anticipated.
Stretch Marks?- nope! I got lucky, no stretch marks. skin is firming up pretty well.
Nursery- we are hardly in there... Jack and I sleep in the living room and if he is really fussy and I don't sleep at all, I get Caleb to come in and watch Jack for a few hours... lots of nursing.
Sleeping-??? not so much. I'm lucky to get 5/6 hours in a day- sometimes more sometimes less. It is all worth it.
Dr. Appt- Jack did great, he is right on track.
Things I couldn't live without- 

I originally used the Medela gel pads for sore nips- but, I got an allergic reaction... So my lactation consultant had me switch to these and my allergic reaction has cleared up, plus they are sooo soft!

Not only does this sustain me all morning, it helps with milk production. I add fruit and nuts to the mix... delicious! Also, I have been making these oatmeal cookie bites from a recipe I found on pinterest... It is just bananas and oatmeal- that is it, I add dried cherries and walnuts and they are a great one handed bite to eat while breast feeding.


WATER! I drink a huge glass every time I sit down to nurse. The nurses in the hospital thought I had so much milk/colostrum because I drank so much water.

Also you should checkout Postagram- It takes your Instragram photos and sends them as postcards to family members. It is my new favorite thing to do! :) so easy and inexpensive to get snail mail out!

Here some of my favorite Jack photos

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