Wednesday, September 4, 2013

7 months

Oh my goodness, Jack is like a little boy now! His interactions with me are so real- he loves to laugh and smile and play... but, he has a very serious side too. When he gets focused on something- like my necklace- that takes all his attention. He furrows his brow and with his big brown eyes studies the object. If it will fit in his mouth it of course will go there first. Then he will look at it while he passes it from hand to hand. He does this with people too. He looks them deep in their eyes, grabs their nose, gives them an open mouth slobbery kiss and tops it off with a giggle and smile. Jack loves to be with people. I can drop him off with anyone and he is content... but he has his favorites. He has gotten increasingly excited for when Daddy comes home. He starts flapping his arms and kicking his legs and grunting to get close to that silly daddy. Dad and Jack love to go to the pool together and kick around. With this warm weather we have gone almost everyday to cool off. This weather has also made going to sleep a little tricky for Jack. He hasn't gone down as easily as normal and naps are pretty inconsistent. I lay him down next to a fan and for naps I put him in his swing, that actually doesn't really swing anymore now that he weighs so much.

Jack has a favorite stuffy- the dog. Jack gets a big smile when I bring him stuffy and he smothers his face into stuffy. Super cute. Jack has pretty much outgrown his playmat and is totally over his exercauser- I think mainly because he wants to be crawling... I'm hoping he will enjoy it again soon! Jack loves to scoot around the house, I need to finish baby proofing. He is always hunting down the non toy objects- smart kid! Luckily he doesn't move very fast yet. He thinks whispering is so funny. I could whisper the news paper to him and he would LOVE it.

He has loved being a big boy and eating food, so far he has eaten...
avocados, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, plums, yams, carrots, parsnips, and pear.
It's fun to bring him to dinner and get a high chair for him and he happily eats with us.

I am beyond blessed to do life with him and my loving husband. Life is good.

I am honored that I get to do life with my little man and I'm so grateful that I have a fun Hubs to raise this silly kid with.

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