Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm a sewing machine.

No, not my Halloween costume... I really am a SEWING, Machine. My auntie Karen came over and helped me figure out my sewing machine so I can use it. I inherited my mothers beautiful Bernina Virtuoso 150... Lots of bells and whistles. I have been having fun pressing buttons and what not. I grew up sewing with my mom. I remember making pillowcases and doll clothes. I think i finished my first quilt by the age of 8... although I never cut any fabric?! Still a FP is a FP! (FP in my family means, finished project) I quit sewing altogether when i was in my teens.
                                   Photo above is of my mom, pinning fabric together for me.

My dad had made my mom a sewing/hobby room that I often think about. I think her heaven might look like that room with the skylight right above her sewing machine. We would have so much fun in their when i was little. She was an excellent teacher. She was so patient and sweet. It is and always will be one of my favorite memories as a child. And as I grew up, I remember her getting ready for her wedding to my step dad in their with Andrea and Kirsten listening to Bonnie Tyler's bright eyes on repeat. Because her sewing/hobbying was such a significant part of who she was, when she got sick with Cancer I wanted to do one last project with her. In 3 months we put together the most special love bird quilt. She had to reteach me how to do almost everything, but it all came back quick. She was busy pinning fabric for me to sew up to 4 days before she passed away. (CAN you believe that???) She saw the completed project before she passed. I know she was overjoyed... but it was more then just a FP, for her she was more excited that I had began quilting, carrying on her legacy. That is why it is so fun for me to quilt. I feel like she is with me. She is here, somehow she is here with me whenever i sew. I can just hear her say, ohh... good corner. Nice seem, or you might want to rip that out and start over. :) either way. It brings me close to her, and I love it. I have made my friend Misty a quilt (co-made it with my auntie) and another quilt for my sister Andrea that is going to be sent to the quilter this week. I have done all my sewing up until know on my mom's old bernina... Its the same machine i grew up using from the 80s.... Don't get me wrong, it still is a great machine! But, my mama gave that machine to my auntie Karen. So whenever I sewed I would go over to her house... Which I also loved because she is so talented and helpful. If you don't know my aunt Karen, she looks just like my mom and is an equally talented sewer. We always have fun.
 My Auntie and Emma teaching me how to use my machine... THE machine!

I cant tell you how fun it is to sew in my own house now. I have been going through some of my mothers fabric and making little projects. Inspired by my new facebook friend Courtney Schultz, and my friends with babies... I have been making stylish burp cloths. Nothing really to them, and I'm just playing around. But they are fun and cute, and will be great baby gifts!

The top one is just your basic burp cloth with fabric sewed on, and the bottom one is flannel with fabric.



  1. Hil, that bernina was the first gift I bought for mom after we were married. I had to sell my motorcycle to pay for it but have zero regrets. That bernina provided more happiness than 100 motorcycles every could have and I'm so glad to hear it's still running after all these years.

  2. Hil, love this. Want to see more pics of your work as you go! Your burb cloths are darling. Maybe you can help me figure out why I'm having such trouble with my bobbin latley! ;o)

  3. Dad... That sewing machine is/was AMAZING! I was totally bummed that Karen got to keep it. I love it, but I'm not so bummed anymore now that I learned how to use my virtuosa. Its the bomb! I still use the old bernina at Karen's.. It's her main sewing machine now, its an incredible sewing machine for sure. Mom took good care of it.

    Jenn... I can try and help with your bobbin. I had to video my auntie thread my bobbin just incase i forget how to do it. We should have a sewing class with my aunt. She is incredible!

  4. Loved the shout out!!! Keep up the good work!

  5. I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes every time I see pics and hear stories of Kimi. I just LOVE that your life is her legacy and that you're doing all the things that made her so special. You are special Hil :)