Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laundry and The Office

 If it wasn't for the office, i may never get any laundry done. We bought the season dvd's and i watch/laugh while i fold. The office really just doesn't get old for me! :) Laundry really piles up over here with our gym habits and my wanting to put everything i wear in the laundry basket because it is easier then hanging it back up or putting it away. (things that drive my very neat husband crazy) Cleaning house just isn't something that I'm naturally really great at. I have to work at it, If my husband didn't mind my messes we would live under a pile. 
 About a month before my mom was diagnosed with Cancer, I begged her to come down to Arizona to help me organize my house. I didn't want her to clean, I just needed help with a system. Bless her heart, she came down. Pulled everything out of my kitchen cabinets and put it all back together more organized and efficient. She also helped with my filing cabinet. Boy could I use her now.... Sometimes I think we got too big of a house. 600 square feet would have been much more manageable for me :) 

Last night we went to a birthday party for my niece and nephew (Kirsten's kids). It was SOOOO fun to be with so many kids and relatives. It's definitely a different stage of life, All the kids are having kids now. Its fun to see my brothers/sisters/cousins personalities and faces play out in their kids. So cute. I love being auntie Hilly.
Today we had Kirsten, Isaac, Justice, Selah and new baby Jude out to our house. It was so fun to be with family all day long. Justice loves football so much right now. When he got to our house he looked at the TV and said, Um... Aunt Hilly, this is the Dolphins vs the Steelers... I want to watch the  Jaguar's/chief game. ADORABLE!

 On our front porch Selah, Me, Caleb and Justice
                      J-man doing his 3 point stance (looked different when Bryan asked him to do it!?)
      Isaac, Justice and Caleb
Kirsten and Selah

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