Tuesday, November 20, 2012

28 weeks

Third trimester, I can't believe it. 27 weeks marked the first time a stranger asked me when I was due- I'm pregnant and people are noticing! Up until then I would tell people and they would say- Oh you are? Which is fine and dandy for some girls... But, I've been so excited about being pregnant that I wanted people to notice at week 6. I think I "popped" during week 27.

As you see I wrote about my beautiful showers in Washington and I am so excited to write and share about my California shower. I delighted in opening gifts, but more importantly for me... I loved celebrating this little miracle in my tummy with friends and family. One of the good things that infertility gave me is perspective. People are WAY more important then gifts! Which is partly why I still LOVE to write thank you notes. It's fun for me to thank people for celebrating with me and lavishing our baby with gifts! My mother taught me from such a young age to write thank you notes. As soon as I could write my name... I was writing it on a thank you note. As soon as I could write a sentence... My mom saw it fit for me to write the thank you note. As soon as my teacher's taught me how to write an address, My mom had me writing and addressing my thank you notes. NOW, I didn't always love writing thank you notes. As a young girl I thought it was boring and really time consuming. So one year for Christmas circa 7 years old, I concocted a plan to expedite my thank you notes... I figured if I had my thank you notes done that night I wouldn't have to write the addresses on my thank you notes the next day- my least favorite part. So Unbeknownst to my parents, I came to Christmas with my thank you notes in hand. I even took the time to pre-write everything in the note except the gift I recieved. You can imagine everyone's surprise as we began opening gifts... I open a gift, pull out my thank you note, write down what I received, put said note in envelope and write the name of the gift giver on the note, Lick and seal the envelope and promptly walk over to the gift giver and hand them their thank you note. It was adorable. Times have changed, I now delight in writing thank you notes. It is no longer a pain- it's a joy. The simple act of being thankful shifts our focuses off of ourselves and onto others. It also reminds me of how blessed I am and loved I am. There is much to be thankful for in our lives.

You might be thinking, it's easy to be thankful when everything is going great for you. My husband always challenges me when I'm down to list the things I am grateful for and it shifts my attitude. I am in a season of abundant blessings- my prayer is to remain as thankful as I am right now with much as when I am down and have little.
28 weeks
Baby Size- Small cabbage, 17 inches, 2.9 pounds
Working out- Not really happening. I'm not sure if I'm not getting enough blood circulating to my legs or perhaps too much relaxant in my body but it has made working out down-right impossible. It's the strangest feeling... like my legs are going to fall off, my pelvis is going to explode, I get a cold sweat and feel like I'm going to throw up. Part of the problem could be blood sugar.
Blood sugar?- I passed my glucose test! :) thank god, that was disgusting.
Weight gain- 22 pounds. AND I want to note that I am so grateful for this baby that I don't even care about you back fat- I see you.
Cravings- Spiced apple cider, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, golden beets, Greenleaf, bananas, soup.
Nursery- Coming together. Grateful for my sweet friends Monica and Danielle for organizing all the baby clothes in the dresser- pictures to come! :) Side note: Miss Emma cat thinks this is her new bedroom. She literally comes out only to eat and go to the bathroom- and sprints back in to lay down in the room. She is just breaking in the room for Jack! :)
Aches and Pains- My ribs hurt. they are expanding and it hurts. I have terrible heartburn- baby must be growing a full head of hair.
baby growth.

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog. So happy for you and excited to see your baby Jack!