Thursday, January 3, 2013

35 Weeks!

Holy crap, I am two weeks from full term- baby would be fine outside of my body- I, on the other hand, am freaking out a little bit. I have done a lot of not thinking about labor for the past couple of months. I am sure I will find the strength and courage somewhere inside of me, but that doesn't mean I can't be a little terrified. The one thing I can count on is a great coach and partner - Caleb will remain steady per his usual.

Baby Size- Large Cantelope (19-22 inches, 5.5 lbs)
Working out- Walking... ER, waddling. 
Cravings- Tuna melty, Burrito, Applesauce, Granola, Nuts, Orange Juice, Milk, Water
Aches and Pains- My ribs still hurt. I now have a 2 inch thick band right under my boobs that is numbs- really bizarre feeling. Kidney's still hurt, stomach is starting to ache a little bit. Jack is keeping a foot or two lodged under my ribs- it's really pleasant.
Labor and Delivery-  my best friend! I have now made three trips to L & D... First one was silly false alarm, second one was for my kidneys, this last one I didn't feel Jack kicking like normal. His movements had decreased last friday and by saturday morning despite what I ate or drank I didn't feel him, so away I went. Deep down I knew he was fine, but also felt like I needed to do my do-diligence and go in to make sure that everything was ok. After I arrived they gave me ice water, which woke Jack up! :) They had me hooked up to monitors and they could see he was moving lots, and I just couldn't feel him. The Dr. told me it was partially due to my placenta being in the front acting as a sponge to movements. She also said that the last month or so the movements change as they are not able to flip around as much which is good in my book because Jack is head down!
Nursery- I can't wait to finish up in there! Caleb has been so helpful getting projects going with me! :)
Sleeping- OK... Lots of potty trips. I think it's funny when people say "get your rest while you can" While I'm sure having a baby takes it up another notch- it's not like this is the most restful time ever.
Dr. Appt- Was great, I love seeing Dr. Hong! She did although request that I get another ultrasound to check Jack's size. Evidently my tummy is measuring small so she want to have it checked out. She reassured me that it was probably because I was so tall and Jack had so much space to move around. I am still trying to schedule the ultrasound.
Holy birthing classes, Batman- It's safe to say we procrastinated a little bit on getting into classes... The month of January we are going from one class to the next- the upside is that it will be fresh in our minds! :)

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