Sunday, January 27, 2013

38 1/2 weeks pregnant

38 1/2 weeks

Baby Size- Watermelon (19 to 22 in, 7pds)
Working out- Walking, breathing. 
Cravings- Eggs on toast, Oatmeal cookies, cuties, orange juice, water, liquids... I get mad at Caleb when he tries to take a sip from my water glass at night.
Aches and Pains- There is this one spot in my back, right side under my ribs that kills. I am constantly rubbing it. My ribs hurt SO BAD, and the skin under my boobs is super sensitive too... It feels less numb and more like a sunburn these days. It also feels like someone is pinching me on and off in my sunburn skin spot. My low back has been aching along with my tummy... Which I think is just my body getting ready for Jack to come.
Stretch Marks?- nope! I got lucky, no stretch marks.
Labor and Delivery-  One more trip to labor and delivery since 35 weeks! :) at my Dr. appt. my blood pressure was high the four times they checked it, the following morning when driving to work my heart was racing and I couldn't quite catch my breath so they had me come in to get checked for preeclampsia... I checked out ok and we have been keeping eye on my blood pressure. I was in to see the Dr. on Thursday of this week, again my blood pressure was high which she thinks might be my thyroid medication- so she had me get blood work done and lower my dosage so hopefully that will change the blood pressure. She also checked my cervix- So far I am not dialated at all but Jack is head down and on my bladder! :) side note- getting my cervix checked was not fun, I wanted to punch Dr. Hong.
Nursery- I have been sewing like crazy. I made two crib skirts and finished up the curtains. Gma pat came over and helped me get started... I'm anxious to get them hanging up. Pretty close to done in there! :) Will put photos up soon!
Sleeping- Pretty good- I still go to the bathroom every 1 to 3 hours. I started putting a little pillow under my tummy and it seems to be helping with my rib pain.
Dr. Appt- Last time I wrote that Dr. hong had me get an ultrasound to check Jack's size- He is totally fine! :) perfect even! It was fun to see him in the ultrasound, he looked pretty squished in there!
Labor- I'm getting calmer and more ready for Jack to come. I know that it is so important to remain calm relaxed to help get Jack to come out so I will do my best. I ran into a doula last week who offered me this advice, "your baby knows what to do, your body knows what to do, you just need to relax enough to get out of the way and let it happen."
Jack-  I am so anxious to meet you. I wonder who you will look like. I wonder what it will feel like to hold you in my arms. I am SO grateful you have such a good Daddy to raise you. I hope you become just like him as you grow up.

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