Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Arizona Shower

On December 8th Caleb's mom Gina threw me a beautiful shower in her home in Arizona. It was so fun to see so many of my favorite friends and family who have been faithfully praying for baby Jack to come into our lives. Gina had the house prepared when we arrived a few days earlier. It was set up so cute! Our dear friend Kathy Merwin came over and helped decorate (she decorated our wedding and made our wedding cake.) She had beautiful Hydrangeas on all the tables and -get this- She made our wedding cake in cupcake form! The cupcakes were divine! Carrot cake with extra nuts and raisins and the best cream cheese frosting ever! Caleb and I each ate at least two. Here are some pics of the set up and ladies...

the table

the wedding cake cupcakes

more Hydrangeas

orange roses- my favorite
The girls
It was such a special day. Gina had asked Renee Worcester to lead a prayer for Caleb and I and then one for Jack. I loved hearing all the prayers for Jack knowing that these women have been praying for a while for this babe. I received so many wonderful gifts that day but the best gift of all was the all the love and support in the room.

Gina also invited some girls I didn't know from her "prayer group" she told me that they are prayer warriors and that they have been praying for Jack for a while- and that they had been teaching her something. I was clueless as to what it could possibly be. I found out when I opened my gift from Gina. My initial reaction was absolute shock- My sweet mother in law had learned to knit, and knit Jack a blanket with her prayer group- AKA- knitting group! I couldn't believe it, she began knitting this blanket before Jack was even conceived, believing in faith that God would bless us with a baby! She worked and prayed over it from April to October! She did great! Her tension was perfect throughout the blanket. Caleb cried when he saw the blanket! A treasure for sure! My mama Kimi would have been sooo impressed!

Caleb, Gina and Myself with the blanket

The whole blanket!

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