Friday, July 6, 2012

June 20th, our little spelunker.

Head lamp? Dont get any ideas onie and dad!!!

 Well... It's official!!!!!!! We are so pregnant now! Baby is perfect! We saw the little flicker of the heartbeat this morning.. I cried through the whole thing, Caleb was intently watching the screen. After 3+ years of praying for this moment, I can't express all the emotions. On one hand I wanted to jump out of the exam chair and do the chicken dance I was so excited. On the other hand I thought... I can't wait to call kimi-- A call I simply can't make anymore. That is how grief has been for me- I come upon moments in life that I want to share with her-realize again I will have to wait until heaven to share. She would have been so excited to be a grandma (again). She would have gotten busy for sure on a quilt-or two- or three! :) I can see her wiggling with excitement, I just know she would love this.

After the scan was done, our wonderful Dr. shook our hands and left the room. (So grateful I was able to experience meeting our baby with such a loving dr.) Caleb began to cry- not knowing what I was thinking or feeling... He grabbed my shoulders and said, Kimi already knows, She knew before we knew. She is always with you Hilary. Needless to say it left me in tears.. I hope I can be as fun, loving and creative as my mom was.
My kimi and me.

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  1. Oh Hilly! Yes she DOES know and you are already fantastic like her. I'm so happy you're going to be a mommy :) Love the pictures.