Friday, July 6, 2012

May 7th.

Caleb and I had an ultrasound this am and an estrodil checkup. Ultrasound was to check for cysts, my uterine lining, and egg growth. Results were great, no cysts, lining looks good, eggs look good.. The nurse left the room talking about what beautiful ovaries i had.. as if they were a pair of earrings or something. Caleb and I high fived each other, got dressed and moved to the next Dr. station. Blood draw to check the Estrodil levels- they were in range so we are cleared for more shots.

The Dr. lowered my dosages for the remainder of the month, out of fear of over-stimulating me. I'm on the low-low-low hormone stimulating cycle and still doing great! :) We begin Menopur and Gonal F  shots this evening. These are a little more challenging then the Lupron. Menopur requires some mixing of powders and liquids and needle changes, should be interesting. Gonal F is a funny Pen-like needle.

We are going to try taking my roids at night time to see if i cant get a better nights sleep? We shall see!

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