Friday, July 6, 2012

May 2nd, 2012... although I dont plan on publishing this until after our invirto process i still want to write about it and share it with everyone when its over.

I began taking birth control at the end of march-ironic right? Birth control is used to match my cycle with the clinics cycle. Also, it suppresses the chance of cysts and endometriosis growth. I never responded well to birth control, I tried to take it before Caleb and I got married... and was worried that we wouldn't make it to the alter with my crazy attitude, so I only stayed on it for 2 months. So... this time was no different, lots of tears and emotions. Last night was the last pill I will ever have to take! HURRAY! We survived!

We began shots of lupron on Saturday April 28th. Shots go in to my tummy... Caleb administers them. Flashback: 12 year old Hilary getting blood taken to check iron levels kicking and screaming. Mama kimi literally had to sit on me to get the blood test done. Quite embarrassing for kimi in front of her co-workers. I was a total spas and terrified of needles. She must be smiling down on me from heaven thinking about how much i have grown! First shot Caleb gave me was not my favorite. I laid flat on my back and I think it hurt because it went into my muscle. Now I hunch over and he can get some tummy fat to shoot into. NOT so bad!  :)  April 28th I also began roids... yep, I'm on steroids, never thought I would ever be on the roids. they are fine though, just messing up my sleep cycle.

Found the best acupuncturist whom i absolutely love! Dr. Daniel Lee, his office is wallpapered with pictures of pregnant woman. You just know you are in good hands. He puts little electrons on the needles and I can feel them go tick tick. It's a little strange. but, I know it works. He put me on herbs-pill form thank goodness. Took me off coffee-regular and decaf, Tea, dairy, alcohol, and red meat. So lets see here, I'm on birth control pills that make me hard to be around-to put it nicely... then you take away my favorite foods?! PERFECT.

Today I had my fluid ultrasound. Bad news, the fluid ultrasound hurt like crazyyyyy. I wasn't quite prepared for that. Good news is I have lots of potential eggs--- which is crazy because I'm on the low hormone dosage. Dr. Acacio was so impressed with my eggs. I am cleared to begin the cycle, so far so good.

By my bedside I have a picture of perhaps my favorite kiddo in the world... who just happens to be an invitro baby. So, every morning while I prepare my shot, I glance over at the picture and am reminded that its so worth it!

All this to say, we are beyond grateful that we get to be on this journey- we knew this process wouldn't be easy.

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