Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 11

Week 11
Last week I graduated from Dr. Acacio's fertility office. It was an emotional day for me to say goodbye to all my friends. Dr. Acacio did one parting ultrasound and progesterone checkup. Good news is no more progesterone shots! :) The ultrasound was great too, baby A was a little wiggle worm. I loved looking at the babe and checking out the strong heartbeat. Dr. A also found a little empty sack to the side of my babe. He suspected that both babies implanted and then only one stuck. That was probably why my HCG numbers didn't double like we wanted.
10 Week Ultrasound

Today I had another appointment with my new Dr. Hong. She was excited to see me, and very excited to see our babe. Baby A did not disappoint, he/she was punching and kicking. She said Baby was measuring perfectly. It was a great appointment, although I got the feeling they didn't like the fact that I declined the genetic testing.  I asked her plainly if they can do anything about a disorder in-utero she said no... So I didn't really see the point to it. We certainly aren't going to have an abortion... It felt good to be in charge of my health care a little bit.
Week 11 Ultrasound
Weight gain- . 5 pound.
Cravings- Yogurt, In-N-Out cheeseburger- although that was a huge mistake. Fruit, Cereal.
Food Aversions- Chicken, Asian food, Pizza.
Pregnancy symptoms- Dehydration, Exhaustion, Light headed, Nauseous, Heartburn
Sleeping- No more Dexamethasone (steroid) and still not sleeping great. My typical 3am potty trip keeps me awake until 5am- don't worry I normally get a nap in! :)
Baby's heart beat- 160
Working out- Walking to the beach, and some pilates.
Baby Size- Fig


  1. You are amazing Hilary! I am so excited and happy for you and Caleb. HUGS

  2. I had a BIG mistake with a double cheeseburger from McDonald's when I was pregnant with Selah. Ahhh....still can't think about it. :) Selah was worth it. It is so weird how much I can relate to your pregnancy food problems! You are amazing and I love you and Caleb!