Friday, July 6, 2012

May 22nd

The last 5 days have been pretty uncomfortable after my egg retrieval. I had so many eggs that it left my ovaries rather enlarged, which pushed everything up into my chest. Needless to say I was resting the whole weekend!
Nervous for the transfer!

Today I went in for my transfer... Caleb had to go to Africa for work and missed the special moment by hours :( his mama drove over to help take care of me while i was on bed rest. Dr. Acacio had me drink 24 oz of water before the transfer to help make my uterus lay flat so that he could put the babies in easier. While cool nurse Sheri offered me my Valium for the procedure she asked if I would like a catheter or bed pan? Pardon me Sheri, but did you just say catheter? no thank you, i will go in the bed pan!!!! The procedure was easy breezy, and very sweet. I brought a picture of Caleb in to the room with me and was focused on him while the Dr. put my babies into their new home.
Babies getting dropped off!

At this point, I'm beyond ready to go pee.. So they transferred me over to my bed for the next hour and brought me my bed pan. It felt like I was peeing the bed... and then I felt a little wet on my back and thought, that maybe I over flowed the bed pan. So I yelled for cool nurse Sheri, who took a look at my bedpan overflow and called for assistance. Cool nurse Sheri had to wipe my butt, change the sheets and wipe down the table. She kindly offered me another bed pan to finish relieving myself- I thought after all that embarrassment I could hold it! :( The rest of the day was a Valium blur, I went home and slept the night away!
Right before I peed the bed! :(

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