Friday, July 6, 2012

may 14

I turned 30 this past weekend!!!!! I was feeling bloated from all the meds--- not super sexy.. Caleb planned the whole weekend as a surprise, it was over the top. Saturday we had a volleyball tournament in the morning which i loved. Then the girls all surprised me at the bowling alley for a couple rounds of bowling.. LOVED that. Later that night Caleb arranged for lots of friends to meet us at The Side Door for a couple drinks. I only had two--- had to break my no alcohol for my 30th bday!!! :) The next day was mothers day... Which is double hard for me-- mainly because I don't have my mama. What I wouldn't give to celebrate her one more time. Caleb took me to a lovely hotel in Huntington Beach to spend the night... but the spoiling didn't stop there, he arranged a gondola ride through Newport Harbor. It was right at sunset, complete with champagne and dessert. He is amazing, and sooooo sweet!!!

This morning we woke up and drove into our ultrasound appointment. I felt like I was carrying a watermelon in my belly, Dr. Acacio confirmed that the eggs looked good plentiful. He said I was like an Easter bunny with a really full basket of eggs!!! He also informed us that we could trigger the hcg shot tomorrow night. :) We meet with Cool nurse Sheri to go over my new medication lists. We get to take a little break from the shots :) just the HCG tomorrow, and none tomorrow. :) surgery to remove eggs is scheduled for Thursday morning.

I'm excited for the menopur, gonal f and lupron to be done with!!!

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